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It’s almost summer, and a very popular trend we’re seeing on our site is flamingo parties. So today, I’m sharing our 10 best pink flamingo party ideas. I’ve included ideas for dessert tables, invitations, cakes, centerpieces, party favors, and more! Take a look below…


Flamingo dessert table

I love mix of the hot pink flamingos and metallic. I think this party looks so chic and modern with the shiny fringe backdrop.

Dessert table flamingo | Catchmyparty.com

Pink Flamingo Chocolate Covered Oreos

This is such a clever idea and not hard to duplicate using some candy molds, candy eyes, and piped candy melts.

Pink Oreos | Catchmyparty.com

Pink Flamingo Invitations

I love pink flamingos at girl 1st birthdays! Isn’t this flamingo party invitation sweet?

Pool party invitations | Catchmyparty.com

Pink Flamingo Cake

This cake is so vibrant with the pink and orange, and I love addition of the pineapples, (plus I don’t mind those donut holes in the back)!

Flamingo cake | Catchmyparty.com

Pink Flamingo Birthday Shirt

I’m a big fan of birthday tees.  I think it’s a great way to set the mood for your party.

Party shirt | Catchmyparty.com

Pink Flamingo Lollipops

Here are the flamingo molds to make these.

flamingo lollipops | Catchmyparty.com

Pink Flamingo Drinks

An easy way to dress up your drinks is with these flamingo cocktail straws.

Flamingo drinks | Catchmyparty.com

Pink Flamingo Centerpiece

What I love about this flower centerpiece is how chic and playful it is.  Great touch for your table.

Party centerpiece | Catchmyparty.com

Pink Flamingo Topped Desserts

These desserts are topped with these pink flamingo straws (I think cut down).

Flamingo desserts | Catchmyparty.com

Pink Flamingo Party Favors

What a cute way to send your guests home — with these pink flamingo foam glasses. Great for photo ops, too!

Flamingo party favors | Catchmyparty.com

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