You won’t want to miss these 10 must-see Frozen birthday parties if you’re planning on throwing a Frozen party for your little princess!

We’ve so many wonderful Frozen party ideas that will help you make your Frozen birthday party extra special!

And please check out our free Frozen party printables and Frozen 2 party printables to decorate your party.

The Best 10 Must-See Frozen Birthday Parties!

As you might have guessed, Frozen and Frozen 2 are a super popular party themes on our site with hundreds of parties added by real people.

We’ve lots of unique Frozen and Frozen 2 cake ideas, beautiful Frozen dessert ideas including white chocolate covered Oreos, marshmallow pops, Rice Krispie treats, rock candy, and beautiful cookies.

Also, don’t miss checking out the best Frozen party activities including games and craft and even an inspiration on how to have a fun snowball fight.

I’m truly blown away by the creativity I see from these parties from all over the world. What a celebration!

Take a look below to see so many awesome and inspiring birthday party ideas. Enjoy!

The Best 10 Must-See Frozen Birthday Parties!

1. Magical Frozen Birthday Party

This Frozen birthday party is absolutely stunning. It has so many gorgeous features that it’s actually hard to pick out the best ones.

Collage of a Magical Frozen Birthday Party

You won’t want to miss the gorgeous photo booth props. Guests can choose to have fun with Elsa masks, tiaras and impressive capes as they pose for memorable party photos.

2. Adorable Frozen Birthday Party

Take a look at all the magic at this Frozen-themed birthday party!

The vintage dresser dessert table is framed by a beautiful blue and white balloon garland. They are a big trend nowadays and are the must-have party decoration!

Be sure not to miss the cute Frozen birthday cake decorated with the fun Elsa and Olaf cookies.

Collage of an Adorable Frozen Birthday Party

3. Feminine Frozen Birthday Party

This next Frozen birthday party has such a feminine touch and has some of the most impressive bunch of Frozen-themed cookies around.

Take a look at the Elsa, Anna, snowflake and Olaf sugar-coated cookies as well as the exquisite ‘Let it go’ ones.

Collage of a Feminine Frozen Birthday Party

They all a great addition to the party.

4. Delicate Frozen Birthday Party

You don’t want to miss this impressive Frozen birthday party either.

The Frozen birthday cake design is so pretty. Decorated with delicate snowflakes and an Anna and Elsa topper. It looks absolutely fabulous.

The Frozen cupcakes with the blue glittered silhouette toppers are also so exquisite!

Collage of a Delicate Frozen Birthday Party

5. Frozen Snowflake Birthday Party

Take a look at our next Frozen party. The dessert table is split in 3, with a gorgeous Elsa decorated birthday cake in the center.

You’re going to love the wonderful cupcakes too. Each one is topped with a snowflake and sprinkles. They look so pretty on a plate!

Collage of a Frozen Snowflake Birthday Party

6. Baby Doll Frozen Birthday Party

If you’re hosting a Frozen-themed party for a younger child then you may find this next party interesting.

The dessert table is decorated with baby dolls of our favorite Frozen characters, Ana, Elsa, and Sven which brings such warmth to the party.

Collage of a Baby Doll Frozen Birthday Party

You don’t want to miss the gorgeous Elsa centerpiece with a beautiful tulle skirt. It’s such a cool idea and is the perfect Frozen party decoration.

7. Frozen Snowflake Birthday Party

This next Frozen party is also beautifully decorated. The turquoise, dark blue, white and purple paper fan backdrop give the party a delicate touch. They could easily be mistaken for large colorful snowflakes.

The Olaf cupcakes at this Frozen party are a real treat and so much fun! I’m sure the kids at this party couldn’t get enough of them.

The showstopper at this party is, without a doubt, the drip icing birthday cake that looks like it’s been frozen.

Plus, I love the glitter trees!

Collage of a Frozen Snowflake Birthday Party

8. Winter Wonderland Frozen Birthday Party

Take a look at this magical woodland Frozen birthday with its stunning winter wonderland backdrop that transports you into the cold.

Collage of a Winter Wonderland Frozen Birthday Party

The birthday cake is delightful with all the pretty snowflakes decorating it, as are the snowflake decorated pale blue macarons.

9. Olaf Snowman Frozen Birthday Party

This Frozen birthday party is decorated in a darker shade of blue but looks equally as impressive.

The blue and white balloon decor beautifully frames the backdrop with everyone’s favorite characters and the Olaf birthday cake absolutely steals the show!

It’s a great birthday cake idea for an Olaf superfan. Plus, don’t miss the silhouette party favor bags or the individual decorated candy jars.

Collage of an Olaf Frozen Birthday Party

10. Frozen Castle Birthday Party

Finishing off our must-see Frozen birthday parties, we have a cardboard ice castle full of cupcakes that is spectacular and which, rightly so, makes this Frozen dessert table stand out.

The birthday cake and meringue tower are equally as impressive.

Collage of a Frozen Castle Birthday Party

Just wait until you set eyes on the awesome Elsa cake pops. They are just so cool!

For more inspiration, check out all these gorgeous Frozen party ideas on our site!

Frozen Party FAQs

What kind of decorations should I have at my Frozen-themed party?

To create a winter wonderland, you can DIY a lot of the decorations. Use blue and white balloons, snowflakes, icicles made of beads, and shimmering tinsel or streamers. You can also add some Frozen-themed banners, tablecloths.

What kind of food should I serve at a Frozen-themed party?

You can serve snowflake-shaped cookies, blue and white cupcakes, marshmallow pops, popcorn, and cotton candy to match the color scheme. You can also serve snacks like veggie sticks with ranch dip, fruit skewers, and cheese platters.

What games can I plan for a Frozen-themed party?

Great Frozen party games include e a Frozen-themed scavenger hunt or a snowball toss game. Also, consider a Frozen karaoke contest (asks your party guests to come in costume), and a craft activity where the kids can create their own snowflake decorations.

What kind of party favors can I give to the guests?

You can give Frozen-themed goodie bags filled with toys like snowflake wands, Frozen stickers, pencils, and coloring books. You can also include a Frozen-themed keychain, bracelet, or hair accessory.

What can I do to make the birthday girl feel special at her Frozen party?

You can make the birthday girl feel like a princess by giving her a special Frozen costume, and a Frozen-themed birthday cake. You can also plan a special surprise like a visit from a Frozen character or a Frozen-themed photo booth where the birthday girl can take pictures with her friends.


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Collage of the best 10 must-see Frozen birthday parties!
10 Must-See Frozen Parties |
10 Must-See Frozen Parties |
10 Must-See Frozen Parties |
10 Must-See Frozen Parties |
10 Must-See Frozen Parties |
10 Must-See Frozen Parties |
10 Must-See Frozen Parties |