A birthday always calls for a celebration. But how do we celebrate today? Check out our 12 cool ideas for throwing a virtual birthday party online!

If truth be told, today there is even more reason to celebrate a birthday because, during this time, it brings people together, even if it has to be virtual.

We’ve seen a massive increase in virtual parties this past year, but if you’re still confused about how to party while home? Worry not, because we are here and happy to help.

We have compiled a list of 11 ways to throw a virtual online birthday party.

12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online

Important tip for a virtual party!

Before you start any virtual party, test your technology because there were some tricks to setting things up. Don’t skip this step!

And if you need help figuring out what online platform to host your party on, check out this previous blog post we did.

Now let’s get started with the ideas…


12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online


Gaming Party

This one is for those who love playing games, especially with friends.

If online gaming is an unexplored territory for you, fret not, as there are many online gaming platforms available, and we can help you sort them out.

Here are some choices:



Movie Night

Can’t go to the movies on your birthday? Well, if half the world can manage to work from home, you can easily have a birthday movie night from home, and use our free movie night printables to decorate.

Invite your friends to your party and stream a movie at the same time together while chatting.

You can easily do that using the Chrome extensions, Netflix Party if you want to watch a movie on Netflix, or Vemos, which works with Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, and Prime Video!

Just pick your favorite movie and party with your friends!

12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online - Movie Night


Drive-By Party or Party Parade

For a birthday plan, you could ask your friends to drive down your street in their cars at the same time and have a birthday party parade. For decoration, try out birthday lawn signs like these.

You could ask them to honk when they arrive in front of your house or play their favorite song in celebration. Even decorating their cars with balloons and signs would be a great way to commemorate the occasion.

Or you can hang out in your front window and have each car disembark. They can walk up to your house and wave to you inside.

12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online - Drive-By Party or Party Parade

Costume Party

You do not have to wait for Halloween for a chance to play dress-up. A costume-themed virtual birthday party could be very happening.

The fact that everyone will have to put together their costumes with things available at home, will make it all the more fun.

Just decide on an interesting theme that could either be based on your favorite TV show, film, or book. You could also pick other themes such as favorite Disney characters, superheroes, the ’70s, or even famous memes.

Just let everyone know the theme beforehand. And you can even give out awards for “best dressed” or “most creative costume.”

12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online - Costume Party

Baking Party

Baking is not only the best way to beat away the blues, but also a very creative way to celebrate a birthday. Everyone can bake a birthday cake at their place or any other favorite dessert.

All you have to do is share the recipe, bake, and celebrate. However, if you need some baking essentials and ingredients, you can order everyone a baking kit from a site like Foodstirs.

Online Cocktail Party

If you and your tribe are missing going to a club or bar to have a birthday celebration, then you can party by making your cocktails at home.

Just dig out a couple of cocktail recipes, including those all-time favorites and some new ones, and share them with everyone invited to your virtual birthday cocktail party.

Give your guests a heads start so they can order the appropriate alcoholic ingredients beforehand.

Then you can all become mixologists together. If you’re looking for a delicious cocktail, here’s our favorite California cosmopolitan recipe.

12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online - Baking Party - Online Cocktail Party


Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a great indoor activity that will get your guests running around the house like lunatics with a phone in hand.

An indoor scavenger hunt works great for both kids’ parties and adult parties. Put together a list of items, share it with your guests, and watch them tear their houses apart to find each one.

I promise this will lead to lots of laughter, fun, and even some sweat.

12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online - Baking Party - Indoor Scavenger Hunt


Karaoke Party

Whether you can sing well or not, a karaoke party is never a bad idea. A virtual karaoke party can be almost as much fun.

People are having video chats for work all the time. Doing the same for a karaoke party can make for an amazing virtual birthday celebration.

You can either choose all the songs for the karaoke party or let your friends pick their favorites from YouTube.

You can also combine a karaoke party with any of the other ideas on the list. This might go well with a virtual cocktail party, especially after your guests have imbibed their cocktails. 🙂

12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online - Karaoke Party


Hire an Entertainer

Another great idea is to hire a professional entertainer to do something special for you and your virtual guests at your birthday party.

You could hire a traditional entertainer to come into your virtual platform, like a magician, clown, game organizer, or princess to join your party, especially if it’s a kids’ party.

And for a grownup party, you can hire a mixologist, makeup artist, chef, choreographer, or DIYer to come in and teach your guests a specific skill.

There is also a website called Cameo where you can have your favorite celebrity send you a special birthday message you can share with your guests.

12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online - Hire an Entertainer

Dance Party

A virtual dance party would make for a super cool birthday party. You can prepare a playlist of songs in advance on Spotify, or even hire a DJ to mix the tunes for your online party.

You and your friends can either groove to the music in whatever way you like, or everyone can learn a choreographed dance from TikTok. You can hire a professional choreographer for your birthday dance party video and who knows you might just go viral.

12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online - Dance Party


Dessert Delivery Party

For those with a sweet tooth, birthdays are incomplete without dessert. One virtue of the virtual world is the luxury of having desserts delivered to your or someone else’s home without having to step out of the house.

You can have a dessert party by having a special dessert delivered to everyone’s houses (this is a great way to support local business, by the way). Then everyone can sing “Happy Birthday” to the guest of honor, and indulging together.

12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online - Dessert Delivery Party

Arts & Crafts Party

You can have a very artsy and creatively satisfying birthday party by creating art with your friends together online. You can send everyone a list of arts & crafts supplies to order in advance or send them an arts & crafts kit.

Then, at the designated time, all the party people can craft in their respective homes, such as painting a canvas or creating this wild flower embroidery DIY.

12 Cool Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party Online - Arts & Crafts Party

We Hope We’ve Inspired You to Celebrate!

Given the world right now, we believe celebrations and birthdays are even more important now than ever. So please be inspired by our 12 cool ideas for throwing a virtual birthday party online!

Remember, it’s all about the making of memories.

So pick the idea you like the most and start planning.

And once you’ve had your party, please add it to Catch My Party, so we can share it with our community and inspire others to start celebrating.

We wish you a great one!


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How many people should you invite to your virtual birthday?

You don’t want it to be unruly so try limiting it to 12 guests.

What is the best way to send invitations to your virtual guests?

You can send out either traditional invitations or online ones, like Evite, Paperless Post, or SmileBox
If you want a quick and easy option, simply send out a text message to a group chat, like WhatsApp or iMessage.

How long should your party last?

Good luck throwing your virtual teen birthday party!

We’d love to know how yours turned out. Please add your party photos to our site so we can share your party with our community!



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