I loved the new Wonder Woman movie! I thought Wonder Woman was such a powerful, fun, bad*** character! Why didn’t this movie exists when I was a girl?

I know there will be many young girls dying to have a Wonder Woman birthday party, so to get you ready, check out these 12 fantastic Wonder Woman party supplies we’ve rounded up.

We’ve got amazing ideas for invitations, cakes, party favors, cookies, decorations and more! Take a look…

Wonder Woman Party Supplies | CatchMyparty.com


Wonder Woman Party Invitation

Start off your party celebrations with these wonderful Wonder Woman themed party invitations. Love how they sparkle!!
Wonder Woman party Invitation | CatchMyParty.com

Wonder Woman Birthday Party Poster

Delight the children at your Wonder Woman party with this fabulous poster with these inspiring words of wisdom! It will look great on a dessert table or on a wall, and a marvelous keepsake!

Wonder Woman Birthday Party Poster | CatchMyParty.com

Wonder Woman Cake Decorations

These Wonder Woman birthday cake decorations are out of this world!! Just look at the attention to detail. Treat your daughter to this incredible cake and request to only have the Wonder Woman decorations in your order. The Etsy shop owner will happily do that!

Wonder Woman Cake Decorations | CatchMyParty.com

Wonder Woman Fondant Cupcake Toppers

Take a look at these stunning Wonder Woman tiara cupcake toppers. They’ll undoubtedly give your dessert table that Wonder Woman feel!

Wonder Woman Fondant Cupcake Toppers | CatchMyParty.com

Wonder Woman Cookies

You can’t have a party and not have cookies! How about serving a batch of these fun Wonder Woman logo cookies cut with this awesome cookie cutter? So cute!!

Wonder Woman Cookie Cutter | CatchMyParty.com

Wonder Woman Dessert Table Backdrop

What about hanging this classic Wonder Woman poster on the wall behind your dessert table? It would certainly stand out with it’s vibrant Wonder Woman colors!
Wonder Woman Backdrop | CatchMyParty.com

Wonder Woman Star Garland Garland

Hang this cute red, white, and blue star garland on the dessert table to give it that Wonder Woman touch! It’ll look fantastic!

Wonder Woman Star Garland | CatchMyParty.com

Wonder Woman Balloons

Wow!! Just how cool are these red, white, and blue superhero balloons?! I love it!! It’ll look amazing as a decorative piece at your party.

Wonder Woman Balloon Swag | CatchMyParty.com

Wonder Woman Straws

Decorate kids’ drinks with these cute blue straws with white stars.

Wonder Woman Straws | CatchMyParty.com

Wonder Woman Outfit

What birthday girl wouldn’t feel like a true Wonder Woman in this stunning tutu dress, tiara, and wristbands? I think I want a matching outfit myself!

Wonder Woman Outfit | CatchMyParty.com

Wonder Woman Photo Booth Props

Let the kids have fun with this awesome Wonder Woman themed photo booth frame. Just imagine all the funny photos you’ll be taking and then remembering for years!

Wonder Woman Photo Booth Props | CatchMyParty.com

Wonder Woman Party Favors

Surprise the girls at your party by also transforming them into little Wonder Women with these cool tiaras and wristbands. They’ll definitely get a confidence boost, have fun at the party, and go home ready to save the world!!

Wonder Woman Party Favor | CatchMyParty.com

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Free Wonder Woman Birthday Party Printables

Free Wonder Woman Birthday Party Printables | CatchMyParty.com