Pink Minnie Mouse birthday parties are so popular with little girls, and who doesn’t love some Disney magic in their life?! It’s such a classic theme that makes for a fabulous party. 

So, if you’re considering throwing a Minnie Mouse birthday party for your daughter, don’t miss these 12 wonderful pink Minnie Mouse party supplies to help you plan an incredible birthday!

Collage of 12 wonderful Minnie Mouse party supplies

We’ve got amazing ideas for a Minnie Mouse invitation, a cake, some Minnie Mouse party favors, some cookies, some Minnie Mouse party decorations and more!

Take a look…

Fall in Love with These 12 Wonderful Pink Minnie Mouse Party Supplies!

1: Minnie Mouse Party Invitation

Surprise your guests with a beautiful pink and gold sparkly Minnie Mouse party invitation like this one.

It can be personalized with a cute photo of your little girl. What could be cuter?!

Minnie Mouse party Invitation

2: Minnie Mouse birthday poster

Keep a record of your daughter milestone moments with one of these beautiful birthday posters.

Not only do they look great at as a party decoration but are also a wonderful keepsake you can place on a bedroom wall.

Minnie Mouse birthday poster

3: Minnie Mouse Cake Topper

Make a statement with this stunning gold fondant Minnie Mouse ears cake topper.

Simply add it to your birthday cake to give it that elegant Minnie Mouse look!Minnie Mouse Cake Topper

4: Minnie Mouse Cookies

Fill a plate with these gorgeous Minnie Mouse sugar-coated cookies.

They are adorable and kids will devour them!

Minnie Mouse Cookies

5: Minnie Mouse Cupcake Topper and Wrapper

Transform your cupcakes into little Minnie’s with the pretty body wrappers and Minnie Mouse head toppers.

Imagine just how cool they’ll look on your dessert table!

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Topper and Wrappers

6: Minnie Mouse Straw Tags

Add a touch of style to your drinks with these wonderful pink and gold Minnie Mouse straw tags.

They are easy to assemble and look gorgeous when placed on straws.

Minnie Mouse Straw Tags

7: Minnie Mouse Dessert Table Backdrop

Decorate your dessert table with a beautiful pink and gold Minnie Mouse backdrop like this one.

You can personalize it with your daughter’s name and age to give it that extra special touch!

Minnie Mouse Dessert Table Backdrop

8: Pink and Gold Balloons

These chic pink ‘Happy Birthday’ balloons with their fabulous gold tassels are a great addition to your Minnie Mouse birthday.

They’ll jazz up your party and add so much style!

Pink and Gold Balloons

9: Pink and Gold Tassel Garland

Hang this gorgeous pink, gold and beige tassel garland to your dessert table to match the decor at your Minnie Mouse party.

They go beautifully with the pink and gold balloons and will add a touch of sophistication to your party!

Pink and Gold Tassel Garland

10: Minnie Mouse Floral Headband

Your birthday girl is going to love one of these gorgeous floral sparkly gold Minnie Mouse ears headbands.

They are so pretty that she’s sure to feel the belle of the ball at her own party.

They also double up as party photo props and party favors for your guests.

Minnie Mouse Floral Headband

11: Minnie Mouse Photo Booth Props

Create lots of special memories with these fun Minnie Mouse photo booth props.

The kids will have a laugh fooling around and your photos will look adorable!

Minnie Mouse photo booth props

12: Minnie Mouse Bracelet Party Favors

Send your little guests home with a big smile and with one of these stylish party favor Minnie Mouse bracelets.

It couldn’t be a more girly party favor!

Minnie Mouse Bracelets Party Favors

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