Here’s a list of seven cool things you might want to try out this St. Patrick’s Day!

7 Ideas for St. Patrick's Day |

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7 Colorful St. Patrick’s Day Party

1.  Rainbow Candy

A pack of Rainbow Twizzlers  and mini marshmallows make an awesome edible rainbow.  Don’t forget the chocolate coins!

Rainbow Twizzlers |

2.  Lucky Charms Decorations

Lucky Charms double as a fun decoration, just fill the vase and you’re good to go!

Lucky Charms |

3.  Green Beer

Add a few drops of green food coloring to a mug of beer and you have a perfect St. Patrick’s Day beverage!

Green Beer |

4.  Green Whoopie Pies

Green whoopie pies are a yummy themed treat for the holiday, just add some green food coloring!

Whoopie Pies |

5.  Leprechaun Hat Cake

Transform a green frosted cake into a leprechaun hat for your party guests!

Leprechaun Hat Cake |

6.  Rainbow Cupcakes

All the colors of the rainbow appear in these cupcakes baked in polka dot cups!

Rainbow Cupcakes |

7.  “No Pinch” Printable Sign

Don’t forget the “No Pinch” sign to keep everyone safe and pinch free!

No Pinching Sign |

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