Valentine’s Day is almost here so there’s no better time to start planning what sweet party food you’ll be serving.

Quick & Easy Valentine's Day Treats |

Here are nine sweet treats for Valentine’s Day that are simple and quick to make, even at the last minute!

Wonderful Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats

1. Cupcake Rose Bouquet

Make a bouquet out of rose decorated cupcakes!

Valentine's Day Treats |

2. Rice Krispie Treat Hearts

Create some magical heart wands out of Rice Krispie treats!

Valentine's Day Treats |

3. Donut Cake

Pile up some donuts and decorate with pretty paper straws and a cake banner.

Valentines Day donut treat |

4. Mini Cakes

Mini cakes get dressed up for the holiday with frosting, berries and sprinkles!

Valentine's Day Treats |

5. Oreo Pops

Oreo pops are dipped in white chocolate and colored heart sprinkles are added on top.

Valentine's Day Treats |

6. Cake Pops

A simple tiny heart makes all the difference with these lovely cake pops!

Valentine's Day Treats |

7. Brownie Stacks

Cut brownies into heart shapes and stack them. Don’t forget the ribbon!

Valentine's Day Treats |

8. Peeps Pigs

Make cute piggies out of pink marshmallows, candy eyes, and pink sanding sugar!

Valentine's Day Treats |

9. Valentine Train

Strawberry wafer cookies are transformed into these darling love trains!

Valentine's Day Treats |

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