Back To School DIY Pudding Bar |

My daughter started school last week, and while it all went well, she was definitely a little blah this weekend. I think she was exhausted from the excitement. I’ve learned over the years that when there is a high, there is usually a low to follow.

So I wanted to come up with a fun way to celebrate back to school, and decided to put together a DIY pudding bar. When Lainey saw me on Sunday, starting to set up this back to school pudding bar, and she knew it was just for her, she pepped up and dove in to help.

First we put out our vanilla, chocolate, and butterscotch puddings.

Back To School DIY Pudding Bar |
Sweet and salty vanilla pudding |

Then in small plastic containers, we put out mix-ins. We picked all of our favorites: mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, pretzels, raspberries, Trix cereal, mini graham crackers, M&Ms, and Lainey’s favorite of favorites… candy eyes, mustaches, lips, glasses, and bows.

Pudding mix-ins |

I also decorated each container with these free back to school printables from our site, which was simple to do. I printed them out, cut them out, and used a little tape to affix.

Free Back to School Printables |

So here were my two favorite combinations…

The first was my sweet and salty vanilla pudding with pretzels and raspberries. This one was mine.

Back To School DIY Pudding Bar |

And my second favorite was my s’mores chocolate pudding with mini marshmallows, mini graham crackers, and mini chocolate chips. Dad ate this one.

Back To School DIY Pudding Bar |

Now for Lainey’s favorites. This sweet girl…

Back To School DIY Pudding Bar |

And this guy with glasses and mustache…

Back To School DIY Pudding Bar |

Well, this was the final one she made, so she told me to tell you it was her absolute favorite. 🙂

Back to School Pudding |
Pudding mix-in toppings |

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