Balloon Flower Garland |

Balloon Flower Garland


Flower Balloon Garland |


Create a beautiful balloon garland for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or as general party decor. The balloon garland also makes a gorgeous photo prop for a photo booth at a first birthday.

Start by removing the faux flowers and leaves from the plastic stems. Trim off any excess plastic stem.

Bunch of plastic flowers |

There are two ways you can do this. The first method is to slide the flowers onto the curling ribbon.

String slide to the curling ribbon |
String slide to the curling ribbon |

The second method is to use glue dots to attach the flowers to the base of the balloon and ribbon string.

Base of a plastic flower |

I chose to use both methods. I started by sliding one flower up to the base of the balloon using the first method.

Tied a ribbon at the base of the balloon |

Next, I pressed a glue dot to the base of each flower and pressed gently to the base of the balloon as I positioned and attached them.

Pressed a glue dot at the base of the flower |

I then began to attach the flowers down the curling ribbon using glue dots.

Attached glued flowers to the ribbon |

The flowers will act as the balloon weight. The over-sized balloons will hold the weight of the flowers the best. But you can also just attach the flowers to the base of a standard balloon.

Super easy to make balloon garland |

The balloon garland is super easy to create and turns out just beautiful!

Beautiful flower balloon garland |
Beautiful flower balloon garland |


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