These Easter paper bunnies are simple to make, and they are perfect candy holders for little hands! Check out how I did it here…

Best Easter Basket Origami Bunny Craft


Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to fold the bunnies. I promise, there is no origami experience necessary. These bunnies are super simple to fold!

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Best Easter Basket Origami Bunny Craft |

Now once you’ve got your white bunnies created, cut 1/4″ x 6 1/2″ strips of construction paper. Tape the ends together so they are little ring stands for your bunnies.

Then with pink construction paper, cut out little 2″ x 3/4″ strips for the inside of the bunny ears.

Making Origami Easter Bunnies |

Using a glue stick, attach the pink bunny ear pieces on the inside of each ear, then attach the googly eyes.

Making Origami Easter Bunnies |

With a black Sharpie, draw on whiskers and glue a pink SweeTARTS Jelly Bean on as a nose.

Then place the Easter bunnies in their stands and fill with candy!

Best Easter Basket Origami Bunny Craft |

My daughter thought they were so adorable and couldn’t wait to dig in.

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