Big Hero 6 Party Ideas |

Here are some awesome Big Hero 6 party ideas, including DIY party decorations, treats and desserts, cake, party favors, and more.

We’ve been seeing these parties show up on our site recently and I feel like there is a trend in the making. That’s why I wanted to share simple Big Hero 6 party ideas in case you’re thinking of throwing one.

1. Big Hero 6 Dessert Table

This dessert table has creativek Baymax paper lanterns, a cool poster backdrop, and of course some toy figures. Toy figurines are such a great way to decorate.

Big Hero 6 Dessert Table |

2. San Fransokyo Cake

This stunning San Fransokyo cake is decorated with a nighttime skyline and some characters.

Big Hero 6 Cake |

3. Cable Car Cookies

These cable car cookies show amazing details and definitely represent the movie!

cable_car_cookies |

4. Baymax Balloon

Here’s a super easy idea. Make a Baymax centerpiece with a white foil stick balloon, and black craft foam!

Baymax balloons |

5. Baymax Cookie Pops

Because of its simplicity, Baymax’s face lends itself to a variety of treats, like these Baymax cookie pops!

Baymax cookie pops |

6. Baymax Pinata

A basic white paper lantern is transformed into a Baymax piñata with the addition of white tissue paper and black construction paper!

Baymax pinata |

7. Baymax Paper Lanterns

Another use for white paper lanterns… add some black felt, craft foam sheets, or construction paper and voila! Hang them to decorate your dessert table or party table.

Baymax paper lanterns |

8. Big Hero 6 Decor

A balloon Baymax asks how you would rate your pain at this party — with cake pops! Love this!

Big Hero 6 Decorations |

9. Big Hero 6 Bento Box

Serve a “bento box” lunch for your guests, featuring all the Big Hero 6 characters including a Baymax PB&J sandwich!

Big Hero 6 Bento Box |

10. Big Hero 6 Birthday Banner

A triangle pennant banner, in the style of Big Hero 6’s colors and lettering, is a great way to welcome your guests!

Big Hero 6 Banner |

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