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These candy corn cupcakes are so cute for Halloween and Thanksgiving! To me, they look like sunflowers, and they have a fun candy corn surprise inside.

Delicious Candy Corn Cupcakes | CatchMyParty.com

Candy Corn Cupcakes

What you need:


Preheat oven to 350℉.

Prepare cake mix as instructed by the box. Make sure to use egg whites so that the batter stays white. Divide the cake batter evenly among three bowls.

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In bowl 1 add yellow food coloring and mix to combine. Repeat with the orange food coloring for the second bowl. Leave the third bowl with white batter.

Line a muffin pan with cupcake liners. Using a tablespoon, layer the three colored batters in each cupcake liner. Start with the yellow cake batter on the bottom of the liner. Gently top the yellow batter with the orange cake batter. Use a spoon to spread the orange cake batter over the yellow batter. Make sure not to mix the two colors.

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Add the last scoop of white cake batter to the top of the orange batter and spread evenly. Bake the cupcakes for 16-19 minutes. Cool completely.

To Decorate:

Add a layer of white frosting to the cooled cupcakes. Place the Junior Mint in the center of the frosted cupcake. Place the candy corn around the Junior Mint. It took 11 candy corn to cover a standard sized cupcake.

Decorating Candy Corn Cupcakes | CatchMyParty.com

Serve and enjoy!

Delicious Candy Corn Cupcakes | CatchMyParty.comEveryone just LOVED how the inside of the cupcakes were layered like candy corn. So fun!!

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Candy Corn Cupcakes | CatchMyParty.com


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