2020 is the year of the quarantine graduation, so to help you during this crazy time, we’ve rounded up the 14 best quarantine graduation party supplies.

A graduation is a big moment in every kid’s life, but don’t let what’s going on around us stop you from celebrating with family and friends.

Virtual Zoom graduations and drive-by graduations are an actual thing right now. Who would have guessed?

I’m in awe of everyone’s ability to adapt and reinvent. We’ve found a bunch of really creative ideas that I’m sure will be a hit!

Collage of the 14 Best Quarantine Graduation Party Supplies!

We’ve got so many incredible ideas, such a graduation quarantine mask, party invitations, a ‘honk’ party sign, come cupcake toppers and so much more…

Do check them out!

Check out the 14 Best Quarantine Graduation Party Supplies!

1: Quarantine Graduation Drive-by Printable Party Invitation

Get your quarantine graduation started by sending out these cool graduation parade invitations.

You may not be able to celebrate in person but you can have your family and friends drive by, honk and wave!

Quarantine Graduation Drive-by Printable Party Invitation

2: Digital Virtual Quarantine Graduation Party Invitation

If you’re planning a virtual graduation, how about sending your family and friends a digital invitation?

They are going to love to enjoy the celebrations!

Digital Virtual Quarantine Graduation Party Invitation

3: Quarantine Graduation Cake Topper

Decorate your graduation cake with this fun ‘2020 Quarantine Graduate’ cake topper.

It’s so festive and is a blast with a crazy looking graduate virus cartoon character!

Quarantine Graduation Cake Topper

4: Quarantine Cupcake Toppers

Place these cool quarantine graduate emoji toppers on your cupcakes for some quick and easy graduation cupcakes.

Pack them in cupcake boxes and set them out for your drive-by guests to help themselves.

Mix of Emoji Quarantine Graduation Cupcakes

5: Quarantine Graduation Poster

Celebrate indoors by decorating your space with this awesome ‘Class of 2020’ poster.

Love how the ‘2020’ is made up of toilet paper!

Quarantine Graduation Poster

6: Quarantine Graduation Party Sign

Let everyone know they aren’t invited to your quarantine graduation with this awesome party sign!

You couldn’t wish for a more appropriate graduation party decoration.

Quarantine Graduation Party Sign

7: ‘Honk’ Drive-by Quarantine Graduation Party Sign

Since we’ve all been in sheltering in place drive-by parties have become the new trend.

Let everyone know that ‘it’s your graduation with one of these ‘honk’ drive-by posters.

'Honk' Drive-by Quarantine Graduation Party Sign

8: Quarantine Graduation Mask

A face mask is a must-have right now, so it’s only fitting that yours be a ‘class of 2020’ one.

Protect yourself and others with this keepsake mask.

Quarantine Graduation Mask

9: Quarantine Graduate Mom T-Shirt

We all know kids have worked hard for their graduation, but the real heroes of these past months are, without doubt, every single mom who’s life has been turned upside down with all the homeschooling.

Behind every grad student is a fabulous mom who has survived the class of 2020. She too should de proud!


Quarantine Graduate Mom T-Shirt

10: Quarantine Graduation T-Shirt

All 2020 quarantine grads can proudly show off their accomplishment with one of these cool ‘Class of 2020’ T-shirts.

They all are a wonderful keepsake that you are going to want to keep.

Quarantine Graduation T-Shirt

11: Quarantine Graduation Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props are always a lot of fun at a party. Although social distancing makes taking photos with extended family and friends you can still take a bunch of memorable photos

This cool quarantine graduation set allows you to take a bunch of memorable photos with your family that will be just as wonderful!


Quarantine Graduation Photo Booth Props

12: Quarantine Graduation Photobooth Frame

This photo booth frame is perfect if you want your drive by family and friends to join in the fun.

Set up the fame on your front lawn and ask them to pop out their car and take a photo that they can then email to you.

Quarantine Graduation Photobooth Frame


13: Quarantine Graduation Bucket

Place a quarantine grad gift bucket on your doorstep so your family and friends can leave their gifts.

You can have another full of goodies for your guests to take back with them.

Quarantine Graduation Bucket

14: Quarantine Graduation Drive-By Favor Bags

Having people take time out to celebrate your drive-by graduation an absolute honor and very touching. Especially during these strange times.

Show your appreciation by placing goodies, like a cookie, for instance, in one of these fantastic paper bags.

Quarantine Graduation Drive-By Favor Bags

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