Clothespin Christmas card wreath craft DIY

We get a lot of Christmas cards and I never know where (or how) to display them… until now! I wanted to come up with something pretty and functional, so take a look at my new Christmas card holder that I made out of clothespins and a floral ring!

This was simple to do and a lot of fun!


Clothespin Christmas card wreath craft materials


 Christmas card wreath craft stepsUse a strong glue to stick your clothespins to the ring. I used permanent Glue Dots (at least three per clothespin) but any heavy duty glue should work.

Optional: To give the wreath a shine, spray it with a clear glossy spray paint.

And finally, attach a pretty white ribbon for easy hanging.


Clothespin Christmas card wreath craft

I love the way this turned out, and we’ve already started using it at our house. It’s hanging on our wall, and Lainey loves putting the cards in!