The Disney Pixar movie Coco tells the beautiful story of connecting with loved ones and pursuing your dreams, all within the bright and colorful setting of ‘Dia De Los Muertos’.

The Mexican holiday honors deceased ancestors. The movie is such a big hit with kids that it’s no surprise that Disney Coco parties are become increasing popular on

With Day of the Dead quickly approaching (2nd November), we couldn’t help but be inspired by these fantastic Disney Pixar Coco party ideas!

Take a Look at the Best 12 Disney Pixar Coco Party Ideas! |

We’ve included so many fun ideas for a Disney Pixar Coco party, such as a birthday cake, a dessert table, some Coco party decorations, and more!

Take a Look at the Best 12 Disney Pixar Coco Party Ideas!

1. Disney Coco Dessert Table

The dessert table is the heart of a party and this Coco birthday party certainly lives up to all expectations. It oozes Mexican traditions and Day of the Dead decorations.

The Mexican paper flower backdrop is stunning and is a perfect Coco party decoration. Learn how to make your own paper flower bouquets!

Disney Coco Dessert Table |

1. Disney Coco Birthday Cake

As everyone knows, the birthday cake is the show stopper at any birthday party. This Coco birthday cake definitely stops you in your tracks!

This 3 tiered birthday cake is beautifully decorated with Coco themed fondant decorations, such as papel picado, a Mexican guitar and some Day of the Dead skulls.

DIsney Coco Birthday Cake |

3. Disney Coco Cookies

Beautifully decorated skulls are a huge part of the Day of the Dead celebrations.  They are everywhere during the holiday.

With that in mind, these fondant skull cookies are perfect for a Disney Pixar Coco party. Make your own with this awesome skull cookie cutter.

Disney Coco Cookies |

4. Disney Cake Pops

Kids love cake pops. Yhese decorated with Coco inspired fondant decorations are so cool.

If you want to make your own, don’t want to miss these colorful straws. They are just what you need!

Disney Coco Cake Pops |

5. Disney Coco Cupcakes

Like I’ve said before, vibrant decorated skulls are an essential part of the Day of the Dead celebrations. These cupcakes topped with skulls are such a cool party food for a Coco party!

Check out our recipe for coconut lime cupcakes.

Disney Coco Cupcakes |

6. Disney Coco Drinks

Bring drinks to life at your Coco party by making a bunch of colorful little tissue paper flowers and gluing them on to some straw flags.

Not only do they look gorgeous but they also serve as drink markers.

Disney Coco Drinks |

7. Disney Coco Party Decorations

In the movie Coco, Miguel passes over to the other side into the Land of the Dead and meets his ancestors. So, it’s only fitting that they too make an appearance at this Coco birthday party!

These paper mache skeleton figurines are fantastic! Dress them up in Mexican clothing, straw sombrero hats, Mexican flower crowns and large dangling earrings.

Disney Coco Party Decorations |

8. Disney Coco Centerpiece

How awesome is this Day of the Dead inspired centerpiece?! It has everything you’ll want for a Coco party.

Here we’ve got a skull, a Mexican flower crown, some gorgeous flowers, and a couple of candles. Perfect!

Disney Coco Centerpiece |

9. Disney Coco Altar

Altars are a big part of Dia de Los Muertos and are a Mexican tradition. Offerings are placed at the altar for the spirits that return on that night.

In the movie Coco, Miguel’s family create a gorgeous altar for their ancestors. It’s only fitting to create one at your Coco party. Place a bunch of photos in a number of picture frames and decorate your altar with flowers and offerings.

Disney Coco Altar |

10. Disney Coco Photo Booth

Everyone loves a photo booth at a party. This one is so wonderful!

Hang a Mexican blanket on a wall and decorate it with paper flowers, paper mache skeletons and a papel picado garland. Imagine just how beautiful the photos will look!

Disney Coco Photo Booth |

11. Disney Coco Pinata

Kids love pinatas! There’s nothing better than smashing a pinata to bits and have lots of colorful candy fall from it.

This Dante pinata is so colorful and is just what you need for a Disney Pixar Coco party!

Disney Coco Pinata |

12. Disney Coco Activity

Keep your guests at your Coco party entertained with a fun Mexican inspired party game!

Create your own Sombrero Toss by placing a number of hats at different distances and have your guests try and aim a ball into them. The further you can get the higher the score!

Disney Coco Party Activity |

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