Construction birthday parties are all the rage on our site, perfect for young boys who like to build!

Construction Birthday Party Ideas |

Check out these fantastic construction birthday party ideas you’ll want at your upcoming party.

Fun Ideas for a Construction Party

1. Dump truck cake

First you need a great cake. How about a fondant decorated cake like this, with malted milk balls as dirt, and a toy dump truck scooping them up on top!

Construction Birthday Party Cake |

2. Dirt cups

To add to the theme of getting dirty, Oreo “dirt, “pudding cups, with gummy worm candy make for a fun treat for kids.

Construction Party Dessert Ideas |

3. Workbench dessert table

Here’s a way to wow your guests. Set up your dessert table like a real workbench.

Construction Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas |

4. Construction party activity

Painting a cardboard house is a perfect activity for the party guests to enjoy. Everyone can get in on the action.

Construction Birthday Party Activity Ideas |

5. Work zone kids’ table

To make your party feel more authentic, set up your kids’ table with work vests and orange cones.

Construction Party Kids' Table Ideas |

6. Marshmallow wet paint brushes

Square marshmallows dipped into yellow candy melts look a lot like wet paint brushes!

Construction Party Dessert Ideas |

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