Cranberry Orange Martini |

Wouldn’t this Christmas cranberry orange martini be the perfect signature cocktail to serve at your holiday party? Your guests will definitely be talking about it.

I love serving a signature cocktail at a holiday party because then I don’t need a fully stocked bar, just some beer and wine and a pitcher full of cranberry orange martinis.

And wait until you see how easy these are to make…

Cranberry Orange Martini

What you need:

Cranberry Orange Martini with Rosemary Sugar Rims |


Add sugar to a small plate. Pick off some rosemary leaves and place on the plate with the sugar. Press the rosemary into the sugar allowing any juices or aroma to escape.

Rosemary Leaves coated with Sugar |

Using your finger, add a little bit of water to the rim of each martini glass. Dip each glass rim into the rosemary sugar.

Cranberry Orange Martini with Rosemary Sugar Rim |

Using a cocktail shaker or measuring cup, combine 2 ½ to 3 ounces of of cranberry juice with 1 oz orange liqueur and 1 oz vodka. If you want the drink to be sweeter, try adding cranberry vodka. Add ice. Mix to combine.

Cranberry Orange Martini |

Pour the cranberry orange drink into each martini glass. Using a cocktail pick, slide 3-4 cranberries onto the pick. Garnish the martini with rosemary sprig and cranberry pick!

Cranberries on the pick |

Gorgeous and so festive!!

Yummy Cranberry Martini |


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