Creepy Halloween BOO Sign DIY with spiders and snakes |

Want to add a touch of “spooky” to your Halloween decor this year?

How about checking out this snakes and spiders creepy Halloween “BOO” sign DIY Laura from Laura’s Little Party created for us.

I love it because it makes me shudder. I’m terrified of snakes and spiders.

Creepy Halloween BOO Sign DIY |

This would look great on a mantle, in a window, or on a dessert table to set your macabre mood. I can picture these snakes and spiders crawling all over me and it freaks me out!

Take it away, Laura…

DIY Halloween BOO Sign |


Materials for the creepy BOO Sign |

I found wooden letters at Target, for less than $4 each. I used dark grey paint, rubber snakes, and plastic spiders all from Oriental Trading!

First I painted the letters a dark gray color. Once the paint dried, I was ready to add on all the spooky-fun touches.

Materials for the BOO Sign |

Materials for the BOO Sign |

First I arranged the snakes on top of the wooden letters. I wanted the snakes to look like they were slithering across the letters, from left to right.

Then I attach them with my hot glue gun.

Making the BOO Sign |

Making the BOO Sign |

Next, I added the plastic spiders. I wanted it to look as though the spiders were walking across the letters, to meet up with the snakes. I thought they both added the right amount of “spooky.”

Making the BOO Sign |

Next, I stood the letters up, and carefully placed them next to one another on my Halloween mantle. The wooden letters turned out so creepy, I loved it.

Creepy Halloween BOO Sign DIY |

They added a fun touch to my Halloween decor, and I the best part was that they were so easy to make.


Are you ready to make your own nightmare-inducing BOO sign?

To learn more about Laura, find her at Laura’s Little Party and on Facebook and Pinterest.