Cut Out Strawberry Heart Cupcake DIY |

These gorgeous cut out strawberry heart cupcakes with vanilla frosting are from Shauna at Ella and Annie Magazine.  They are a perfectly pink treat for Valentine’s Day! Better yet, they are super EASY to make — no need to be an expert baker to make a beautiful treat for your love!


Ingredients for Heart Cupcakes |


Follow the directions on the cake box to prepare your strawberry cupcakes. Isn’t the pink batter fun?! Bake the cupcakes and cool completely.

Whisking Heart Cupcakes |
Filling Heart Cupcakes |

Using a “bread” or “serrated” knife cut the top of the cupcake off. Place top on flat surface. Using a mini heart cookie cutter, cut the center of the top out.

Cutting Heart Cupcakes |
Cut out for Heart Cupcakes |
Cut out for Heart Cupcakes |

Place frosting on the cupcake BEFORE placing the top back on.

Cut out for Heart Cupcakes |

Sprinkle with powdered sugar!

Strawberry Heart Cupcakes |
Cut Out Strawberry Heart Cupcakes |

Add sprinkles or a fun red heart in center.

Cut Out Strawberry Heart Cupcakes |

Easy right!? This recipe was inspired by Glorious Treats.

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