Have you ever wanted to design your own party printables, but didn’t know where to start? Well, Beth Picard of My Friend Beth and Great Graphics, put together this video to show how simple it is to design a banner. And the best part is you get to create it exactly as you like! 

Hi, I’m Beth, and in this video I will show you a quick and easy way to make a banner. To do this, all you need is Photoshop Elements (version 10 or 11). If you don’t have Elements, you can download a free trial from Adobe.

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/cAHtSkZCIPw 600 450]

There are two ways you can change your pennant letters. You can save each page you make with 2 flags on it by going to “File: Save As” and choosing where to save it, and name it something like “Banner 1.”

Or you can print out your banner pages as you go. If you print as you go, you can simply change the letters right on the two pennants you have, by highlighting the text (it still works when it is sideways), and just changing the letters.  I suggest saving each page, however, because if something doesn’t print out correctly, you may want to redo it later.

What’s so fun about creating your own printables is the possibilities for creativity are endless!

Here are some sample banners people have made using this same technique.


Fiesta Banner by Bella Grey Designs


Football banner by Church Hill Charm


Under the Sea Banner by Pink Wasabi Ink

Thanks, Beth, for this easy-to-understand tutorial. I definitely get intimidated by graphic design (although I’m getting braver) so thanks for breaking it down and making it look so easy!

Beth Picard teaches people how to use digital paper and clip art through her Photoshop Elements tutorials on her membership site, My Friend Beth.  She also sells digital paper backgrounds and digital clip art for invitations, party decorations and other crafts on Great Graphics.