I had so much fun making these yesterday! They were actually quite simple. Here’s how I did it…




To make the snowman face, take one regular sized marshmallow and draw a face on it using the black Wilton Decorating Gel. Try to pick marshmallows that are flat on the top and bottom so your snowman will stand straight.

To make the hat, pull an Oreo apart (use the side without the frosting). Squirt a dollop of Betty Crocker Cookie Icing on the top of one cookie and affix your chocolate candy. If you only have white icing, just use a touch less so it doesn’t squish out the side. For the candy I used Dark Chocolate Mint Creams from Trader Joe’s, but you can use chocolate truffles, or even Rolos. I like dark chocolate candies to match the color of the Oreos.

To make the carrot nose, take one orange Starburst and cut tiny angled slivers. You can easily get 20 noses from a single orange Starburst.

To attach the nose, cut a small slit in the front of the marshmallow and push the nose into the marshmallow.

To make the body, first trim about 1/4 of the jumbo marshmallow off the bottom. This can help even out the marshmallow if it got a little squished in the bag.

Put a dab of the white Betty Crocker Cookie Icing on the back of three confetti dots then attach them to the front of the body. And finally, to add the arms, stick pretzel sticks into the sides of the jumbo marshmallow.

To make the scarf, cut slices of fruit roll that are at least 6 inches long and 1/4 inch wide.

To create the fringe, use a sharp knife and make 3-4 cuts at each ends, each about 1/2 inch long.

Now it’s time for assembly.

Start with your white frosted cupcake.

Add the body.

Now add your snow. First I attached shredded coconut. You can optionally sprinkled on some white sanding sugar to give it a little sparkle.

Put a little swirl of the white Betty Crocker Cookie Icing on the bottom of the head, and set it on the body.

Now add the scarf – just wrap it around the base of the head.

And finally, to attach the hat put a swirl of the the Betty Crocker Cookie Icing on the bottom of the cookie, and set it on the head.

One thing you can run into putting this together, is that if your marshmallows aren’t flat, the head and hat can slide off before the cookie icing firms up. It’s best to pick marshmallows that aren’t too lopsided. And when you cut off the bottom of the jumbo marshmallow, use it as an opportunity level it out.

And voila! Aren’t they cute?

Almost too cute to eat… but not quite. 🙂