When I was browsing through the photos of Leslie I’s Toy Story 4th Birthday I saw this cool rocket ship pizza tray she made. I posted about it on Facebook, and a couple of people commented that they’d love to see a tutorial. Well, here it is! Thank you, Leslie, for putting this together!

My original inspiration for the rocket ship tray was the whole idea of recreating Pizza Planet and Buzz Lightyear’s space ship. Over Christmas, I’d seen Bird Craft’s tutorial for her DIY cupcake stand, and used a similar method for the centers of the rocket ship.


Step 1: Cut one of the Frito’s cans to half the original height.  Cover all cans with white scrapbook paper or wrapping paper.  Decorate the cans with stripes of color using Duck tape. Feel free to layer and overlap as you like.  There’s no perfect arrangement.

Step 2: Find and mark the centers of the top and bottoms of each of the pizza pans.  Glue the filled metal tin to the bottom of one tray as the base.    Alternate sandwiching the Fritos cans between the base tray and the remaining trays, saving the short can for the top of the highest tray.**Notes: It’s a pain to glue the filled tin, but the added weight is very helpful to ensure that the tray doesn’t tip over too easily.  Also be very careful to make the tins line up as closely as possible, so it really does look like the ship just flew into the pizza trays.**

Step 3: Cut the cardboard box (I used the flaps of a Pampers box) into two wings, using a pre-cut side as the side that will go against the Fritos cans.  Go ahead and cut them a little wide and high to start and just trim them down until they perfectly fit between the Fritos cans and the lip of the pizza tray.  Glue the wings in place between the lowest and middle pizza trays.

Step 4: Using snips or another metal cutting tool, cut the flashing down to a sheet that will fit over the styrofoam cone.  With help from someone else, carefully wrap the sheeting around the cone and hammer into place with small finishing nails.  Trim off any extra flashing from the bottom of the cone, and glue onto the top of the tray.**Notes: This seriously took me desperately holding everything in place while my husband hammered.  You will likely also still have several sharp edges, so make sure that all kids are supervised around the cone**

Step 5:  Wrap the wooden skewer with aluminum foil and place into the opening at the top of the styrofoam cone.  Now you have your very own rocket ship pizza tray!

Thank you, Leslie for this great tutorial.

If you make one for your own party, please send photos to jillian@catchmyparty.com. I’d love to show it off.

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