How cute are these Minnie Mouse hats Maria made for her daughter’s Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday!

Now you can make them too, with this easy tutorial Maria put together for her blog, Love & Sugar Kisses, and kindly let me repost. Thank you, Maria!


Step 1
Using your cookie cutter as a stencil or your round craft punch, cut out enough ears for your desired number of hats out of the black cardstock.

Shape a cone out of the black card stock and use double sided tape to seal the seam. You could also use hot glue for this if you want, but tape might be a little less messy. It took a few tries to figure out how to get the cardstock to roll up neatly into the cone shape.

Step 3
Cut desired number of bows out of your scrapbook paper. You can use a butterfly cookie cutter to trace the basic shape then trim them to your liking, but you can certainly freehand them!

Step 4
Cut your ribbon allowing 2 pieces for each hat. These will be your straps. You can use your child’s head to measure. Plan on about 12 inches per strap.

Step 5
Now you are ready to assemble the hats!

Look, it’s the perfect party hat for your little Mouseketeer!

Maria, we couldn’t agree more. Your daughter is adorable!! Thank you for the tutorial!

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And finally, if you make your own Minnie Mouse hats, please send photos to I’d love to show them off!