12 Easy Halloween Treats | CatchMyParty.com

Here are 12 easy Halloween treats from our site!

You’ll find great ideas for you Halloween dessert tables and parties, such as cookie dough mummies, ghost candy bowls, Halloween spiders, pumpkin Pop-Tarts and many more! Aren’t they cute?!


1. Cookie Dough Mummies

Who doesn’t love cookie dough, right? The best part about these Halloween cookie dough mummies is that there is no baking required, and that the raw cookie dough is perfectly safe to eat!

Cookie Dough Mummies | CatchMyParty.com

2. Ghost and Frankenstein Pretzels

These ghost and Frankenstein Halloween white chocolate covered pretzels are so much fun to make and look great on a dessert table at a Halloween party!

Ghost and Frankenstein Pretzels | CatchMyParty.com

3. Ghostly Bark

This ghostly white chocolate bark is the perfect sweet treat for Halloween party favors. They look great on a plate too!

Ghostly Bark | CatchMyParty.com

4. Candy Corn Cupcakes

These candy corn cupcakes are so cute for both Halloween and Thanksgiving! They look like pretty sunflowers with a fun candy corn surprise inside.

Candy Corn Cupcakes | CatchMyParty.com

5. Ghost Candy Bowls

How cool is it to serve Halloween candy in actually candy bowls?! Great for Halloween parties and simple to make. Even your kids can help… unless they start using the water balloons for actual water balloons. Then send them outside.

Ghost Candy Bowls | CatchMyParty.com

6. Skeleton Pudding Cups

These skeleton pudding cups are super easy to make and a great creepy addition to a Halloween desert table.

Skeleton Pudding Cups | CatchMyParty.com

7. Halloween Spiders

Don’t you want to just eat these guys up?! The best part is they’re super simple and quick to make, and your kids can help, too.

Halloween Spiders | CatchMyParty.com

8. Mummy Cookie Pops

These fun mummy cookie pops are so cute and really easy to make with the help of strips of white fondant and some candy eyes. Kids love them!

Mummy Cookie Pops | CatchMyParty.com

9. Halloween Pretzel Rods

Make these quick and easy Halloween pretzel rods to serve your friends and family this Halloween!

Halloween Pretzel Rods | CatchMyParty.com

10. Pumpkin Pop-Tarts

Use fun Halloween cookie cutters (ghosts, bats, pumpkins) to create a whole assortment of these delicious pumpkin pop-tarts. They’re flakey, pumpkiny, and sweet.

Pumpkin Pop-Tarts | CatchMyParty.com

11. Candy Corn Cookies

To make these easy candy corn cookies all you need is sugar cookie dough and food coloring. They are so tasty and look so colorful this Halloween.

Candy Corn Cookies | CatchMyParty.com

12. Masacre Candy Mix

This fun mix of candy is sure to curb your Halloween munchies and be a hit at your Halloween bash!

Masacre Candy Mix | CatchMyParty.com

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