If you’ve got a baby on the way, and are looking for a creative way to announce the gender of your baby to all your friends and family, then you have to have a Gender Reveal Party! It’s a great excuse to celebrate your little bundle of joy with everyone and mark this milestone in a memorable way.

So, to help you plan your party, we’ve rounded up the 12 best gender reveal party supplies we could find.  We’ve found so many amazing ideas to make your gender reveal unforgettable!The 12 Best Gender Reveal Party Supplies | CatchMyParty.comWe’ve found the best gender reveal party supply ideas for things such as invitations, cake toppers, party favors, cookies, decorations, and so much more!

Feast Your Eyes On The 12 Best Gender Reveal Party Supplies!

Gender Reveal Party Invitations

To start off our list of baby reveal ideas, we’ve found this gorgeous invitation that will delight your guests and get them in the mood to start guessing the gender of your baby.

The illustration of adorable little bunnies grabbing on to a pink and a blue balloon is so pretty and will put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Gender Reveal party supplies - Invitation | CatchMyParty.com

Gender Reveal Cake Topper

A fantastic way to announce the gender of your baby is with a gender reveal cake. What could be more exciting then keeping everyone guessing up until you cut into a pink or blue cake and share your big news!

So, to decorate your cake we’ve found this beautiful ‘boy or girl’ birch wood topper that will look amazing and add to the excitement.

Gender Reveal party supplies - Cake Topper | CatchMyParty.com

Gender Reveal Cupcake Toppers

If you’re looking for gender reveal food ideas then how about getting yourself a bunch of simple frosted cupcakes and take them to another level with these fun onesie gold glitter card stock toppers. Each one is decorated with a question mark and finished off with a cute pink or blue bow.

Another cute reveal idea would be to bake some fun gender reveal cupcakes. Only when your guests take a bite will they discover the pink or blue interior and in turn find out the gender of your baby! You can have either pink or blue batter, frosting or even m&m’s in the center for the big reveal!

Gender Reveal party supplies - Cupcake Toppers | CatchMyParty.com

Gender Reveal Cookies

Tease your guests with a plate full of these wonderful baby boy and girl themed cookies. You’ll find cute sugar onesies, milk bottles, babies and more.

With cookies like these at your party, the reveal could go either way so keep them guessing and enjoy!

Gender Reveal party supplies - Cookies | CatchMyParty.com

Gender Reveal Cake Pops

Another awesome gender reveal party food are cake pops.

Keep up speculation until they take their first bite and relish the look on their faces when they finally get to see the pink or blue interior. Don’t forget to have a camera at hand so you can record the moment!

Gender Reveal party supplies - Cake Pops| CatchMyParty.com

Gender Reveal Balloons

Confetti balloons are also a cute gender reveal idea. Your guests will have no idea if you’re having a boy or a girl up until you literally pop!

Then, watch their faces as pink or blue confetti falls from them and the gender of your baby is finally revealed.

Gender Reveal party supplies - Balloons | CatchMyParty.com

Gender Reveal Backdrop

Keep the curiosity going with this gorgeous ‘girl or boy‘ foil balloons in pink and blue.

They are perfect for your party backdrop and they are undeniably a showstopper. Together with the matching tassel garlands they are a fabulous gender reveal party decoration.Gender Reveal party supplies - Backdrop | CatchMyParty.com

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon Shooter

Confetti cannon shooters are such a blast and a really cool baby gender reveal party idea.

Hand out one to each of your guests and have them all pop simultaneously for a wonderful shower of pink or blue confetti.

Gender Reveal party supplies - Confetti Cannon Shooter | CatchMyParty.com

Gender Reveal Diaper Cake

Although traditionally diaper cakes are gifts at a baby showers, nothing says you can’t get one yourself to decorate your party or to use as a centerpiece.

You can bet it will be a showstopper at your gender reveal and will give nothing away!

Gender Reveal party supplies - Diaper Cake | CatchMyParty.com

Gender Reveal Photo Booth Props

While going through gender reveal party ideas we came across these fun photo booth props. They are the perfect way to make unforgettable memories.

Have your friends weigh in on the gender of your baby by having each of them pose with ‘team blue’ or ‘team pink’ props. Your sure to have a great time and the photos are a treasured keepsake for you to look back on with your child in years to come.

Gender reveal party supplies - Photo Booth Props | CatchMyParty.com

Gender Reveal Games

Gender reveal games can be such a fun part of your party and this party package is no exception.

It comes with prediction cards, advice cards and ‘it’s a boy’ and ‘it’s a girl’ name tags.

Gender Reveal party supplies - Games | CatchMyParty.com

Gender Reveal Party Favors

If you decide to keep your guests guessing until the very end how about sending them home with a wine bottle with one of these awesome gender reveal scratch off labels.

They are such a unique gender reveal idea. Your friends and family can toast to your baby girl or boy once they get home!

Gender Reveal party supplies - party favor | CatchMyParty.com

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