I can’t wait to share this fun set of retro FREE Superhero Party Printables with you!

Superhero parties are some of the most popular parties on our site. With so many superhero movies out there, every kid wants to be a superhero these days!

If you are planning a superhero party, check out our fantastic 14 must-see Superhero party ideas and Superhero cakes.

Hopefully, with these FREE superhero party printables, you can now throw your kid an awesome superhero party of their own.

Download Superhero Party Printables

Download These Awesome Free Superhero Party Printables!

The collection includes everything you could ever need: superhero cupcake toppers, cake toppers, superhero invitations, party labels, superhero favor tags, straw flags, superhero welcome signs, a “happy birthday” banner, and tented cards.

Download Superhero Party Printables

Reasons to Love These Awesome Free Superhero Party Printables!

Download Superhero Party Printables

The FREE superhero party printable collection includes:

Download Superhero Party Printables

Key Supplies

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Download Superhero Party Printables

How-To Steps

Step 1

Click to download the free superhero printables file and save the file on your computer.

Step 2

Open the file on your computer and print the page using your color printer and some 8.5×11 inch card stock.

Step 3

Cut out all the superhero birthday party printables and assemble each of the items according to our step-by-step instructions:

Superhero Cupcake Toppers

Place these superhero 2″ party circles on your cupcakes.

Superhero Cupcake Wrappers

To assemble these superhero cupcake wrappers, simply cut them out and wrap them around your cupcakes, securing them with tape or glue.

Superhero Party Invitations

Stuck for invitations? We’ve got you covered. Check out these fab superhero party invitations.

Superhero Welcome Posters

Decorate your party with this ‘Boom’ superhero welcome sign.

Superhero Water Bottle Labels

Stick these superhero water bottle labels onto some bottles.
Use these superhero labels throughout your party.

Superhero Labels

Simply cut out and stick on party favors, or use them as labels for food and drinks.

Superhero Straw Flags

These superhero straw flags are a great way to decorate individual party drinks.

Superhero ‘Happy Birthday’ Banner

Cut out each individual shape of the banner and use tape or glue to attach the letters together in the correct order.

Place this ‘Happy Birthday’ superhero banner on a wall.

Download Superhero Party Printables

Superhero Cake Toppers

These superhero cake toppers make it easy to create a show-stopper birthday cake.

Superhero Blank Tented Cards

Cut out each one and fill in the details. Place each one next to your party food to label it.

Superhero Favor Tags

Take a look at these awesome superhero favor tags that you can use on our party favors.

Superhero Tented Cards

Included with our FREE superhero printables are some superhero tented cards to add to your party party decorations.

Step 4

Decorate your superhero party with our FREE superhero party printables!

Download Superhero Party Printables

Tips and Substitutions

Printable FAQs

What can I substitute for card stock?

You can substitute regular cardstock with a bunch of different types of paper such as quality photo paper or even regular printer paper.

What size paper do I need?

You’ll need an 8.5″ x 11″ sized sheet of paper.

What if the pdf file doesn’t print?

Make sure you download the pdf file onto your computer and print from that file. If you are having trouble, try downloading the pdf file using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc…).

How can I use these free printables if I don’t have a home printer?

You can use a public printer at a library, internet cafe, or print shop for a fee.

What food and drinks can I serve at a superhero party?

You can serve superhero-themed food like “Heroic Sandwiches” and “Spider Web Pizza,” along with drinks such as “Superhero Punch” and “Captain America’s Blue Lemonade”

What is a fun superhero party activity?

A fun superhero party activity is a “cape decorating station” where kids can personalize their own superhero capes with markers, stickers, and other creative supplies.

What are fun superhero party favors?

Fun superhero party favors can include mini action figures, superhero masks, comic books, and themed stickers to keep the superhero excitement going after the party.

Download Superhero Party Printables

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