Ugly sweater parties are my favorite Christmas themes for holiday parties which is why I’m thrilled to be sharing this full set of free Ugly Sweater party printables.

Just ask your guests to dress in their ugliest Christmas sweaters, then use these free printables to decorate your party. We’ve even included award printables, so you can get your guests to vote on their favorite ugly sweaters at the party, then reward your guests at the end of the night with fun prizes.

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Download these Festive FREE Ugly Sweater Party Printables

This collection includes a welcome sign, a “Happy Ugly Holidays” banner, some ugly sweater cupcake toppers, invitations, water bottle wrappers, menu cards, and my favorite party… ugly sweater awards.

Download the free Ugly Sweater printables here!

Reasons to Love These FREE Ugly Sweater Party Printables

Download the free Ugly Sweater printables here!

FREE Ugly Sweater Party Printables included:

Download these Festive FREE Ugly Sweater Party Printables

Download the free Ugly Sweater printables here!

Key Supplies

Download these Festive FREE Ugly Sweater Party Printables

Download the free Ugly Sweater printables here!

How-To Steps

Step 1

Click the download button to instantly grab the complete set of printables file and the festive banner file.

Save both files on your computer, and let the holiday fun begin with seamless and stylish party preparations!

Download these Festive FREE Ugly Sweater Party Printables
Download these Festive FREE Ugly Sweater Party Printables

Step 2

After downloading the files to your computer, effortlessly open them and print the pages using your color printer and standard 8.5×11 inch card stock to create a delightful and festive setup for your Ugly Sweater party.

Step 3

Get ready for some crafty holiday excitement! Begin by cutting out all the Ugly Sweater Party Printables, and then assemble each element effortlessly with our straightforward, step-by-step instructions. Your festive celebration is just a craft session away!

Ugly Sweater Party Invitations

Assemble your Ugly Sweater Party Invitations easily by cutting along the indicated lines.

Follow up by inserting the details of your event, and you’re all set to spread the festive cheer with style!

FREE Ugly Sweater Party Printable Invitations

Ugly Sweater  8×10 Welcome Sign

Create a warm welcome with this Ugly Sweater 8×10 Welcome Sign by placing it in a stylish frame for an instant touch of holiday cheer to greet your guests.

FREE Ugly Sweater 8x10 Printable Welcome Sign

Printable Rosette Awards

Discover our collection of printable rosette awards for the most retro and most hip sweaters – complete with a customizable blank option.

Celebrate the standout styles at your Ugly Sweater Party with these unique and fun accolades.

FREE Ugly Sweater Printable Rosette Awards
FREE Ugly Sweater Printable Rosette Awards

Ugly Sweater Cupcake Toppers

Add a sweet touch to your celebration with our delightful cupcake toppers!

Cut out these charming designs to effortlessly elevate your cupcakes and make them the star of the dessert table.

Sprinkle some joy at your event with these printable cupcake toppers – the perfect finishing touch to your scrumptious treats!

FREE Ugly Sweater Printable Cupcake Toppers

Ugly Sweater Water Bottle Labels

Quench your festive thirst with our Ugly Sweater Water Bottle Labels!

Cut along the designated lines, and use a glue stick or clear tape to affix the labels securely around your water bottles.

It’s a simple and effective way to bring a touch of holiday cheer to your refreshments at the Ugly Sweater Party

FREE Ugly Sweater Printable Water Bottle Labels

Blank Tented Cards

Assembling our blank tented cards for menu items or place cards is a breeze!

Fold each card along the centerline to create the tent shape.

Now, you can either handwrite your menu items or guests’ names directly onto the cards, or for a polished look, use a computer and printer to add text before folding.

Arrange the cards as desired, and you’re all set to add a personalized and elegant touch to your event

FREE Ugly Sweater Printable Blank Tented Cards

Straw Flags

Elevate your Ugly Sweater Party drinks with these charming flags for a festive touch.

All you need to do is cut along the lines and then wrap each flag around the top of a straw and secure it with tape or glue.

FREE Ugly Sweater Printable Straw Flags

“Happy Ugly Holidays” Banner

Prepare for holiday cheer with our ‘Happy Ugly Holidays’ banner!

After printing the letters, cut along the outlines. Arrange the letters in the desired order, then punch small holes in each corner. Thread a ribbon or string through the holes to create your festive banner.

Want to switch to ‘Happy Holidays’? Just skip the ‘ugly’ letters! Hang it up, and you’re ready to add a joyful touch to your Ugly Sweater Party.

FREE Ugly Sweater Printable "Happy Ugly Holidays" Banner
FREE Ugly Sweater Printable "Happy Ugly Holidays" Banner
FREE Ugly Sweater Printable "Happy Ugly Holidays" Banner
FREE Ugly Sweater Printable "Happy Ugly Holidays" Banner

Step 4

Bring a burst of festive cheer to your celebrations with our FREE Ugly Sweater Party Printables!

Sprinkle your gathering with joy, laughter, and holiday magic as you deck the halls in whimsical style. Get ready for a season of merriment and unforgettable moments at your Ugly Sweater Party!

Download the free Ugly Sweater printables here!

Tips and Substitutions

Printable FAQs

What can I substitute for card stock?

You can substitute regular cardstock with a bunch of different types of paper such as quality photo paper or even regular printer paper.

What size paper do I need?

You’ll need an 8.5″ x 11″ sized sheet of paper.

What if the pdf file doesn’t print?

Make sure you download the pdf file onto your computer and print from that file. If you are having trouble, try downloading the pdf file using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc…).

How can I use these free printables if I don’t have a home printer?

You can use a public printer at a library, internet cafe, or print shop for a fee.

What is an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party?

It’s a festive gathering where participants wear intentionally tacky, eccentric, or humorous holiday sweaters, fostering a lighthearted and humorous atmosphere during the holiday season.

What party food can I serve at an Ugly Sweater party?

Serve festive treats like Ugly Sweater cookies, holiday-shaped appetizers, and a hot chocolate bar at your Ugly Sweater party for a delightful and whimsical culinary experience

What other are alternative Christmas party themes?

Explore our elegant Christmas party themes to discover even more inspiration for creating an elegant and memorable holiday celebration.

What other Christmas party printables can I download for FREE on

You’re more than welcome to download as many Christmas party printables as you wish from our site to use to decorate your parties over the Holidays.

What is another fun Christmas party activity?

Capture the festive moments at your Christmas party with a lively photo booth. Download our entire set of 65 FREE Christmas photo booth props for extra holiday cheer and memorable snapshots.

Need More Christmas party ideas?

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