If you are planning a Frozen birthday party and need inspiration for a birthday cake you’ve come to the right place! Get ready to be blown away by the 33 impressive Frozen and Frozen 2 cake ideas we’ve rounded up for you.

33 Impressive Frozen and Frozen 2 Cake Ideas

We’ve so many fabulous Frozen-themed cake ideas that are perfect, whether you are throwing a Frozen, a Frozen 2, or even a Frozen Fever birthday party!

Also, don’t miss our favorite Frozen party activities to keep your guests entertained.

33 Impressive Frozen and Frozen 2 Cake Ideas!

1: Anna and Elsa Birthday Cake

The love shared between the two sisters, Elsa and Anna, is so heart-warming to witness and is such an important lesson the movie teaches us.

Celebrate everything the movie stands for with this fantastic Frozen-themed birthday cake that includes both princesses, and Olaf, and is covered in delicate snowflakes.

Anna and Elsa Birthday Cake

2: Elsa-Themed Birthday Cake

Elsa overcomes the fear she has of her magical powers and becomes the much-loved and respected queen of Arendelle.

If your little girl can’t let go of the beautiful queen treat her to this regal Elsa-themed tiered birthday cake decorated with an Elsa illustration and topped with her crown.

Elsa-Themed Birthday Cake

3: Sweet Elsa and Anna Birthday Cake

This next Frozen cake is so cute! The fondant Anna and Elsa are absolutely adorable and give this cake such a beautiful touch.

The delicate frosting is sublime and proves that more is less!

4: Frozen Drip Birthday Cake

Wow, just look at this amazing Frozen-themed drip cake!

Drip cakes look so indulgent and are a wonderful way to decorate an otherwise simple cake.

Finish it off with some small Frozen character figurines and some snowflakes and you are good to go!

Frozen Drip Birthday Cake

5: Ombre Elsa Frozen Birthday Cake

Ombre cakes are stunning, as is this Frozen one in tones of blue and purple.

Reminiscent of the aurora borealis (northern lights) that enchant the skies over Arendelle, this cake looks exquisite and is beautifully topped with an Elsa and some shards of ice.

Ombre Elsa Frozen Birthday Cake

6: Young Princesses’ Birthday Cake

At the beginning of Frozen, we see a young Anna and Elsa playing together with the snow that Elsa has created with her magical powers.

How about treating your guests to some cakes decorated with these two young princesses?

Decorate an Elsa-themed one with delicate snowflakes and an Anna-inspired cake with some fall leaves. Both will look magnificent on your dessert table!

Young Princesses Birthday Cake

7: Frozen Cookie Birthday Cake

This next cake is so creative and looks amazing!

As an alternative to regular toppers how about using some Frozen-themed sugar-coated cookies to decorate your birthday cake.

Add macaroons, meringues, and some shards of white chocolate covered in snowflakes to transport your guests to a magical land of ice and snow.

8: Cute Frozen 2 Birthday Cake

Blow everyone away with a stunning Frozen birthday cake that brings together bother Frozen and Frozen 2.

The bottom tier is will take you back to Frozen 2 with the woodland and fall leaves, whereas the top tier is decorated with what looks like ice, as in the original Frozen movie.

The fondant characters bring the whole thing to life and make this birthday cake incredibly special.

Cute Frozen 2 Birthday Cake

9: Snowflake Tiered Frozen Birthday Cake 

What is not to love about this snowflake-decorated tiered birthday cake?

Cover a tiered cake with some ombre frosting and finish it off with some pretty snowflakes.

To finish it off, add your favorite Frozen characters and place your cake on your dessert table. It really is that easy!

Snowflake Tiered Frozen Birthday Cake 

10: Elsa’s Dress Birthday Cake 

If you loved Elsa’s gown you are going to love this next birthday cake!

Partly draped with some blue rolled fondant icing and topped with an Elsa topper, (as you can see in the image), this cake will definitely stand out!

Add some snowflakes, shards of chocolate, and an Olaf to create an unforgettable Frozen-themed birthday cake.

Elsa's Dress Birthday Cake 

11: Personalized Snowflake-Tiered Birthday Cake

This blue and purple personalized Frozen cake is gorgeous and looks stunning with the snowflakes cascading down its two tiers.

Add some tiny snowballs of icing, and top with a pretty candle and an Elsa figurine.

Personalized Snowflake-Tiered Birthday Cake

12: Elegant Elsa Birthday Cake

If you really want to while your guests you can bet that this fabulous frozen birthday cake topped with a magnificent Elsa in her trademark pose will definitely do the trick.

This beautiful tiered birthday cake with tiny snowflakes will certainly impress.

Elegant Elsa Birthday Cake

13: Snow Globe Frozen Birthday Cake

If you’re looking for something a little different then you won’t want to miss this adorable snow globe-inspired frozen birthday cake.

Make your own by placing a small upside-down goldfish bowl upside over a cake topped with an Elsa figurine.

Have you ever seen anything cuter?

14: Impressive Elsa Birthday Cake

If your little girl can’t get enough of Elsa treat her to a dazzling Elsa-inspired birthday cake.

Top your cake with a large Elsa topper adorned with lots of snowflakes and feathers.

 Impressive Elsa Birthday Cake

15: Frozen Castle Birthday Cake

I’m so in love with this next birthday cake!

The design of this Frozen castle is so simple yet so majestic. It will undoubtedly be the ultimate show-stopper Frozen birthday cake ever!

Frozen Castle Birthday Cake

16: Winter Wonderland Birthday Cake

This winter wonderland-themed cake is a fantastic idea for a Frozen cake!

The pale blue-tiered birthday cake is delicately decorated with snowflakes and edible sugar diamonds making it fit for a princess!

Love the large snowflake topper.

 Winter Wonderland Birthday Cake

17: Frozen Gown Birthday Cake

The dresses in Frozen are almost as famous as the princesses themselves so how about designing your birthday cake around them?

The bottom tier of this cake is inspired by Elsa’s gorgeous gown decorated with fragile snowflakes, whereas the top tier is inspired by Anna’s wonderful dress.

Finish it off with a regal fondant crown.

18: Anna and Elsa Doll Birthday Cake

Doll cakes are really popular at princess parties which is why it makes total sense to have an Anna and Elsa-themed doll cake at your Frozen party.

Your guests are going to squeal with delight the second they set eyes on it!

Anna and Elsa Doll Birthday Cake

19: Elsa and Olaf Birthday Cake

At the beginning of Frozen Elsa makes Olaf so she and her sister can play with him.

Recreate this moment with an amazing cake like this one.

The snowflakes and pale blue shards of chocolate will transport you to the kingdom of Arendelle.

Elsa and Olaf Birthday Cake

20: Princess Crown Birthday Cake

This simple Frozen princess birthday cake is so whimsical.

You can almost feel yourself fly away with all the snowflakes and tiny flowers decorating it.

The crown topper is the perfect finishing touch!

Princess Crown Birthday Cake

21: Snow and Ice Birthday Cake

Celebrate a Frozen birthday with a magical snow and ice-inspired birthday cake like this one.

Decorate a blue-frosted white drip cake with shards of pale blue sugar glass and snowflakes.

Your guests will believe it’s another of Elsa’s creations!

Snow and Ice Birthday Cake

22: Minimalist Frozen Birthday Cake

If you are stuck on time and are looking for a quick and easy Frozen birthday cake that you can make yourself you must check out this next idea!

Decorate the front of a white frosted birthday cake with some geometric pieces of pale blue and purple fondant and add a personalized name topper.

It really is that easy!

Minimalist Frozen Birthday Cake

23: Pink and Purple Frozen Birthday Cake

Bring some Frozen magic to your party with this beautiful pink and purple drip birthday cake.

Add some fondant snowflakes across the front and top it with some snow-topped mountains, made of fondant triangles.

Pink and Purple Frozen Birthday Cake

24: Olaf Birthday Cake

As much as I love both Anna and Elsa, Olaf is by far my favorite Frozen character!

Transform a regular white frosted cake into this loveable snowman by simply decorating it with some fondant eyes, a carrot, and some fondant twigs.

Olaf Birthday Cake

25: Fab Olaf Birthday Cake

This next Olaf cake is equally as much fun!

In the movie, Olaf occasionally loses his head so recreate the fun moment by making a white-tiered birthday cake that looks like Olaf’s body and add some fondant twig arms and Olaf head as toppers.

Fab Olaf Birthday Cake

26: Olaf and Sven Drip Birthday Cake

Sven and Olaf are great friends and also loved by many.

Treat your guests to a lovely pale blue drip cake decorated with fondant stars and topped with Olaf and Sven.

Olaf and Sven Drip Birthday Cake

27: Singing Olaf Birthday Cake

Have Olaf join in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the birthday girl with a fondant singing Olaf topping a purple and blue Frozen-tiered birthday cake.

Add to the magic by decorating with fondant snowflakes.

Singing Olaf Birthday Cake

28: Luau Olaf Summer Birthday Cake

Olaf dreams of summer and of being able to catch some rays of sun.

Help him make his wish come true with a tropical luau-themed Olaf birthday cake.

The two-tiered cake is great if you are celebrating a birthday during the summer.

Decorate with a fondant grass skirt bottom tier and a pink top tier decorated with white hibiscus flowers. Top with a tropical Olaf and surfboard.

Luau Olaf Summer Birthday Cake

29: Frozen 2 Tiered Birthday Cake

If your daughter is a fan of Frozen 2 then she’ll love this next birthday cake.

The movie follows our much-loved characters on their fall adventure beyond Arendelle on a quest to discover the origins of Elsa’s magical powers.

Make the most of fall’s rich colors and decorate a beautiful fall-inspired tiered birthday cake with fresh flowers.

Frozen 2 Tiered Birthday Cake

30: Frozen 2 Birthday Cake

You could always add some fall leaves to a pale blue ombre drip cake to give it a Frozen 2 vibe.

Add some snowflakes and decorate with Elsa.

Frozen 2 Birthday Cake

31: Sunflower Frozen Summer Birthday Cake

The Disney short Frozen Fever is so much fun and also a wonderful party theme if you are celebrating during the summer, just like Anna.

In the short, Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give Anna a surprise birthday party that doesn’t quite go to plan.

Decorate your tiered birthday cake with some beautiful sunflowers, just like in the short and top it with a fondant Olaf!

Sunflower Frozen Summer Birthday Cake

32: Anna’s Frozen Fever Birthday Cake

Anna’s birthday cake in Frozen Fever is decorated with a bunch of sunflowers so how about trying to recreate her birthday cake for your daughter?

If she is celebrating in the summer or simply loves Anna, treat her to a Frozen Fever-inspired birthday cake.

Decorate with as many sunflowers as you can!

Anna's Frozen Fever Birthday Cake

33: Simple Frozen Fever Birthday Cake

This final Frozen Fever-inspired cake is a simple blue frosted one decorated with a few gorgeous fondant sunflowers.

It’s just as impressive as all the other show-stoppers and will look just as amazing on your dessert table!

Simple Frozen Fever Birthday Cake

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