Frozen Wine Marinated Grapes Recipe |

Here’s an idea for a grown up treat. How about marinating grapes in wine, coating them in sugar, and freezing them. Sound easy and delicious, right? And how perfect would these be on a hot day! Check out how simple they are to make.

Frozen Wine Marinated Grapes Recipe



Rinse grapes and pull off their stems. Place all grapes in a medium sized bowl. Pour wine over the grapes, making sure they are covered. Place a piece of plastic wrap over the bowl and marinate the grapes overnight.

Covered grapes with wine |

Drain the wine from the bowl of grapes. Dry the grapes on a paper towel and then roll in sugar. Place grapes in freezer overnight.

Rolled the grapes in sugar |

Tip: for sweeter marinated grapes use a dessert wine. I would recommend a moscato!

Marinated Wine Grapes |
Sweet Marinated Wine Grapes |

Add the grapes to sparkling wine on a hot summer day to keep it cool!

Sparkling wine with added grapes |


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