Frozen Yarn Wrapped Bottles |

Frozen remains one of the top party themes on Catch My Party. And now that there’s going to be second movie, I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

I think the staying power has to do with the likeable characters –Elsa, Anna, and Olaf — and the memorable music. Who will ever forget “Let it Go”? I still can’t get it out of my head.


Bounty asked me to create a Disney Frozen party craft to complement their new line of Bounty Prints Featuring Disney Frozen paper towels and Quilted Napkins.

So here are my Frozen yarned wrapped bottles, that would work as a pretty Frozen party centerpiece, or as a fun party activity for your guests.

These are simple and fun to make. My daughter and I made these in a little over an hour.

Frozen Yarn Wrapped Bottles




Using your foam brush, apply Mod Podge to the bottom half of the glass milk bottle.

Starting at the bottom, wrap yarn around the bottle, making sure there are no gaps as you move up.

I like to do my Mod Podge in stages so I can still hold my bottle as I wind, but feel free to paint on all the Mod Podge at once.

PRO TIP: Continue to adjust the yarn as you go, because it’s harder to fix it later on.

After you’ve gotten your yarn layer just how thick you want it, trim the yarn and start the next color right where the first one left off.


Also, try to keep your color transitions to one side of the bottle, so you can keep them hidden when displayed.


I put out mini blueberry muffins for my daughter and me to enjoy while we crafted. She’s a big fan of Olaf, so she liked Bounty’s new paper napkins.


We made our bottles in a variety of color combinations.

Then to capture the feeling of winter and snow, we placed sparkly white and silver branches inside.


What a fun day of crafting and hanging out together.



Now the Frozen yarn wrapped bottles we made are sitting on my daughter’s bookshelf and they look so pretty. A perfect touch for winter!


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This post is sponsored by Bounty. All opinions and ideas are my own. Please note: I really love Bounty products and use them daily!