To help you come up with the perfect way to keep your guest busy and entertained at your Frozen parties we’ve rounded up the 25 best Frozen party activities from Catch My Party.

You’ll find awesome Frozen birthday party ideas, from DIY snow globes, hot cocoa bars,  to even having them build their own delicious marshmallow snowmen.

You just can’t go wrong!

25 All-Time FAVORITE Frozen Party Activities!

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Reasons to Love These Frozen Party Activities

26 Fun Frozen Party Activities That Are a Treat!

1  Frozen Sleepover

Girls love to get together to play and chat, so a sleepover party is any girl’s dream!

If you have space, fill a room with teepees (one for each child) and them with Frozen party decorations and party favor goodies.

Ask your guest to come dressed in their favorite Anna or Elsa costume. Then as a late-night treat they can of course watch the movie Frozen or Frozen 2!

Frozen Sleepover

2. Decorate Crowns

Arrange a crafting station with plain paper crowns, stickers, glitter, markers, and other decorative materials.

Kids can transform simple crowns into magical Frozen crowns by adding their favorite characters, snowflakes, or other Frozen-inspired designs.

This activity allows for both creativity and a sense of ownership as each child designs their own crown.

 Decorate Crowns

3. Paint Snowflakes

Set up a painting area with some snowflakes. Provide a variety of paint colors and brushes, and let the children paint their unique snowflakes.

Once the paint dries, they’ll have beautiful, custom-designed snowflakes to take home as a memento of the Frozen-themed celebration.

Paint Snowflakes

4. Frozen Placemat Activity Sheet

Your guests are going to love some Frozen-themed placemat activity sheets, that include a coloring section, maze, and a word search featuring characters from Frozen.

Place crayons at each table setting and encourage the children to engage in these activities while waiting for food.

It’s a great way to keep them entertained and immersed in the Frozen world.

Frozen Placemat Activity Sheet

5. Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are always a great excuse to have a laugh and strike a pose and are a great addition to a Frozen birthday party.

Crowns, magic wands, and even fake snow are perfect for a Frozen photo booth!

Photo Booth Props

6. Paint a Canvas

Set up a painting station with small canvases, paints, and brushes. Provide templates or stencils featuring Frozen characters like Elsa, Anna, or Olaf.

Kids can unleash their artistic talents by painting their favorite character onto the canvas.

This not only serves as a fun activity but also doubles as a personalized party favor.

Paint a Canvas

7. Frozen Karaoke

Set up a karaoke station with popular songs from the Frozen movies. Kids can take turns singing their favorite songs from the movie, whether it’s “Let It Go” or “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

This activity is not only entertaining but also encourages participation and teamwork.

Frozen Karaoke

8. Printable Frozen Photo Booth Props

Turn your party into a Frozen fantasy with our printable photo booth props!

Create a magical photo booth area featuring a backdrop of Frozen scenes.

Kids will have a blast posing with their favorite props, making memories in the enchanting world of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf!

Printable Frozen Photo Booth Props

9. Paint a Cookie

Create a cookie decorating station with pre-baked Frozen-themed cookies, icing, and edible decorations.

Kids can express their creativity by painting their favorite Frozen characters or scenes onto the cookies using edible paint and brushes.

This delicious activity combines artistry with a tasty treat!

Paint a Cookie

10. Pin The Nose

Put a Frozen twist on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game by playing “Pin the Nose on Olaf.”

Blindfold your guests, spin them around, and see who can accurately place Olaf’s nose closest to the correct spot.

Pin The Nose

11. Elsa Entertainer

Kids love nothing more than meeting their favorite Disney characters in the flesh. So how about treating your little guests to a visit from the one and only Elsa?

Hire an entertainer and delight all the children at your Frozen party. If you’d rather transform into Elsa yourself then you are going to need your very own Elsa dress!

Elsa Entertainer

12. Face Painting

There’s nothing better than some face painting at a birthday party. It’s a great excuse to add some magic and turn the guests at your party into princesses.

Use a snowflake stencil to create pretty little snowflakes on all the little Anna’s and Elsa’s.

Face Painting

13. Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

Kids will have a blast building their own snowman (as the song goes).

To create their own little Olaf make packs with marshmallows, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, pretzels, and a candy corn nose instead of a carrot!

Do you want to build a snowman assemble pack

14. Snowball Toss

How about a fun Frozen party game?!

Keep score on who gets the most points with this soft snowball tossing game using purple and blue buckets!

Snowball Toss

15. Indoor Snowball Fight

Everyone loves a snowball fight!

Don’t let the warmer weather and the actual lack of snow stop the fun, grab some styrofoam balls and have an indoor snowball fight!

Indoor snowball fight

16. Make Magic Princess Snow

Send your guests home with their own little bottle of magic princess snow.

Just have your guests add glitter and fake snow to mini glass bottles and they are done!

Make Magic Princess Snow

17. Snowmen Marshmallows

You can also have your guests build some sweet marshmallow snowmen with food-safe markers and skewers!

They are fun to make and taste delicious.

Snowmen Marshmallows

18. Make Wands

Another fun Frozen party activity would be to have your little princess guests make magic ice princess wands.

Have lots of glitter, snowflakes, sparkles, and glue on hand, and give the girls the freedom to create their very own unique wand!

Make Wands

19. Make Snow Globes

A DIY snow globe is such a nice party favor for kids to make themselves and take home with them.

You will need as many mason jars as you can get your hands on for this fun DIY snow globe craft!

To make one, use a hot glue gun to glue your ornament to the inside lid of the jar. Add 2 ounces of clear glue and then 1 cup of warm water to your jar and then mix.

Pour in 2 tablespoons of glitter and stir. Place the lid back onto the jar and tighten.

Secure with glue, shake and you’re done!

Make Snow Globes

20. Hot Cocoa Bar

Let your guests make their own hot chocolate creations at a hot cocoa bar set up with all the fixings!

Add all the toppings you can get your hands on such as marshmallows, chocolate chips, candy canes, or sprinkles!

Hot Cocoa Bar

21. Frozen Coloring Sheets

This printable Frozen coloring pack is perfect for a Frozen-themed drawing station at a party.

It includes 5 pretty coloring pages that kids will love to color in.

Don’t forget to include some buckets with crayons or coloring pencils.

Frozen Coloring Sheets

22. Frozen Painting Kit

The little girls at your party are going to love this next party activity.

Hand out these cute magnets and have each child paint their own.

They double as a wonderful party favor too!

Frozen Painting Kit

23. Snowflake Craft

This next Frozen activity will undoubtably be a hit.

Set up a crafting station where the children will be able to make their own beaded snowflake decorations.  

Finish them off with a ribbon and hang them, for instance in a window.

Snowflake Craft

24. Frozen Bracelet Kit

These DIY Frozen bracelets are a lovely party activity for a Frozen birthday party, that your party guests will want to take home with them!

Each kit includes some gorgeous beads, and a snowflake charm.

Frozen Bracelet Kit

25. Frozen Bingo

A good of game of bingo always goes down a treat and is a fun way to help pass the time at a party.

This set includes 12 different bingo cards, detailed instructions, cut-out calling card pieces, and some game markers. 

For more inspiration, check out all these gorgeous Frozen party ideas on our site!

Frozen Party Activity FAQs

What’s a creative activity for a Frozen-themed party?

Painting plaster snowflakes allows kids to showcase their artistic flair while embracing the wintry charm.

Looking for a sweet and artistic activity?

Painting cookies with Frozen designs combines creativity and a delicious treat for a scrumptious party experience.

How can I capture the fun moments at the party?

Setting up a photo booth area with printable Frozen-themed props ensures memorable snapshots of the joyous occasion.

Searching for an activity that doubles as a party favor?

Painting canvases with Frozen characters not only entertains but also provides a personalized keepsake for each child.

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