I’ve been trying to teach my daughter, Lainey, how days, weeks, and months all fit together, and I have to say, it’s a lot to absorb.

So for the New Year, I thought I would get her a calendar, so she can see for herself. Then I found these free calendars and started printing them out.

First, I printed out this Doodle Monthly Calendar which I added pictures of her to. I’m planning to keep it on the fridge so she can look at it, touch it, read it… whatever she wants. I find she learns the best that way, and if it gets messed up, I can print a new one. Cute, right?

I also printed out this kid and parent calendar so she can start to see all the upcoming events in her life, because as a kid, it’s so important to know what’s around the corner. For Lainey, I can tell it definitely gives her a sense of control.


She loved it, too, and helped me glue on the cute little labels this calendar comes with for playdates, doctor’s appointments, vacations, etc. Now she can count the days to her friends’ birthday parties.

As you know, I’m obsessed with my HP printer, so any new project I find, especially with photos, I’m game.  Maybe calendar birthday gifts for my parents this year?