Mason jar trifle recipe with brownies, strawberries, and whipped cream! See more summer recipes at!

Trifle desserts are huge right now! My Pinterest feed has been flooded with so many recipes.

I just love that trifles are easy to make and quick too! Nothing goes better together than summer strawberries, chocolate, and fresh whipped cream.

Serve in small shooter glasses or if you’re like my family, fill some 8 oz mason jars. They are pretty as they are yummy!

Final Mason Jar Trifle |


Ingredients Mason Jar Trifle |


Wash your mason jars/shooters. Dry completely. Starting with the brownies as your bottom layer, place them in the jar.

Final Mason Jar Trifle |

Next layer is whipped cream. You can spoon the whipped cream in the jar or place in a piping bag. Piping bag/ziploc would make for neater layers.

Mason Jar Trifle |

Then place a layer of fresh strawberries on top of the whipped cream.

Mason Jar Trifle |

You can repeat layers in order or add another layer of whipped cream on top of fresh strawberries and then your next layers of brownies.

Mason Jar Trifle |

The last layer should be whipped cream topped with a few sliced strawberries and mini chocolate chips! Simple, right!?

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