Want to know my hack for making delicious garlic green beans for Thanksgiving? I use the microwave! Seriously.

The green beans cook up nice and crisp in the microwave, and have a deep infusion of garlic. Simple and delicious and perfect for a quick side dish for the holidays! Here’s how you do it…

Microwave Garlic Green Bean Recipe



Lay out two wet paper towels, still connected on a cutting board. (You want your paper towels wet, but not dripping wet. This will act as your steamer.) The paper towels will be longer than your cutting board.


Spread the green beans and garlic cloves out on the paper towel, making an even layer. Season with kosher salt.


Slowly wrap the green beans and garlic in the paper towel being careful not to rip it. Put it on a plate and microwave for 8 minutes. Since microwaves are different, start checking them after 6 minutes. It could take up to 10.


They come out perfectly steamed and crunchy.


Toss in olive oil.


I garnished it with Thai chilis because we like spicy in my house (but those are optional)! The green beans are absolutely delicious and the garlic cloves add a sweet mellow garlic flavor. In fact, I loved eating the cloves by themselves.


This is the perfect Thanksgiving side dish that you can make in minutes!


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