Mod Sea Glass Candlesticks |

This was such a fun post to do. I love crafting in the summer when I can be outside. I also love modern, colorful details.

Our living room is mostly neutral, so my goal was to bring a pop-up of color and a casual playfulness to the room.

That’s why when I went to Lowe’s to shop for colors, I chose Cornflower (blue) and Sea Foam (green), two of my favorites.

And because I wanted a smooth, translucent sea glass look, I only sprayed each candlestick with one coat of paint. It could not have been simpler.

Mod Sea Glass Candlesticks



First, I cleaned my candlesticks well using dish soap and water. I wanted to make sure there was no dirt or oil on my candlesticks so the paint would spread evenly.

Using colored tape, I carefully taped two stripes around the necks of the candlesticks. I wanted to show lots of color but have some modern details.

Sea Glass Paint |

I placed my candlesticks on a piece of butcher-block paper outside in a well-ventilated area. The weather was warm but not too hot, and the humidity was low.

Then, holding the can about 12 inches from the candlesticks, I sprayed each candlestick in a big sweeping motion. I made sure to move quickly because I didn’t want the paint to drip.

My goal was to make them look very translucent — like real sea glass — so I used only one coat of paint on each.

I let them dry for a few hours, and…

Sea Glass Paint |

Voila! I love how they turned out. Don’t they look great on my mantle?

Mod Sea Glass Candlesticks

Mod Sea Glass Candlesticks