If you planning a Pokemon birthday party and are in need of some inspiration, check out our 30 must-see Pokemon party ideas!

Pokemon is such a phenomenon and is such a popular video game party theme!! There’s so much for kids to love, be it playing Pokemon Go, playing with Pokemon cards, watching the Pokemon Anime series, or watching the Detective Pikachu movie!

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We’ve so many fab Pokemon party ideas, such as a party invitation, decorations, Pokemon party food, fun activities, and much much more…

Reasons to Love These 30 Must-See Pokemon Party Ideas (2023)

30 Must-See Pokemon Go Party Ideas!

Pokemon Party FAQs

How to plan a Pokemon party?

1: Determine the guest list.
2: Choose a date, time, and location.
3: Decide on the Pokemon Go party theme.
4: Send out invitations.
5: Plan activities, such as a Pokemon scavenger hunt, or a Pokemon card trading station.
6: Decorate with Pokemon-themed decorations.
7: Serve Pokemon-themed food and drinks.
8: Treat your guests to Pokemon-themed party favors.

How many kids should I invite to my Pokemon Go party?

Under 5 years old: 4-6 kids, between 6-10 years old: 8-12 kids, and over 10 years old: up to 15 kids.
Also, take into consideration the size of your venue and your budget.

How long should a the Pokemon birthday party last?

A party for a toddler should last 1-2 hours, while a party for an older child could be 2-3 hours.
Make sure you provide enough time for your guests to arrive, play games or do activities, enjoy snacks and cake, and open the presents.

How to set up Pokemon go as a party activity?

1: A Pokemon Go party activity can be a great icebreaker for guests who may not know each other well. Encourage guests to mingle and socialize while playing the game.
2: Make sure that your party location has access to PokeStops, Gyms, and a good selection of Pokemon.
3: Provide Wi-Fi access, charging stations, and encourage your guests to bring their own devices.
4: Consider organizing a group activity such as a Pokemon Go tournament or scavenger hunt.
5: Set ground rules to ensure that everyone stays safe while playing.

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30 Must-See Pokemon Party Ideas