10 must see prince parties | CatchMyParty.com

Prince parties have become so popular on our site both for boy baby showers and boy 1st birthdays.

What I love about them is you can add your own twist. Here I’m showing off a baby prince party, a teddy bear prince party, a Mickey Mouse prince party, a frog prince party, a carousel prince party, and more!

These parties are jam-packed with ideas for prince-themed cakes, cupcakes, party food, decorations, backdrops, and printables. Please enjoy these regal events!

1. Baby Prince

Prince Party Ideas | CatchMyParty.com

2. Principe para el primer año de Santino

Principe para el primer año de Santino | CatchMyParty.com

3. Prince Carter’s Blue Ombre 2nd Birthday Party

Prince Carter's Blue Ombre 2nd Birthday Party | CatchMyParty.com

4. El Principito Felipe

El Principito Felipe | CatchMyParty.com

5. Prince and Princess of Teddyland

Prince and princess of teddyland | CatchMyParty.com

6. Prince Mickey Party

Prince Mickey Party | CatchMyParty.com

7. Welcome Baby Miles

Welcome Baby Miles | CatchMyParty.com

8. Rayan’s Royal Birthday Party

Rayan's Royal Birthday Party | CatchMyParty.com

9. Prince Dyland’s Birthday Party

Prince Dyland's Birthday Party | CatchMyParty.com

10. My Prince Party Ideas

My Prince | CatchMyParty.com

Check out all of the party ideas for little princes on our site.