Rustic Floral Centerpiece for fall |

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and¬†I came up with this easy rustic floral centerpiece that would look beautiful on your table this Thanksgiving. And my inspiration… Charmin toilet paper. ūüôā

I was asked by Charmin to share how at¬†Thanksgiving, when you’re thinking about¬†stocking up on food and drinks, you should also stock¬†up on Charmin Mega Rolls, so you don’t run out of toilet paper for your guests.

And then I thought about crafting with one of my favorite materials, toilet paper rolls.

I love centerpieces that use fall foods as part of the display, but I didn’t want to fill my¬†entire mason jars with¬†popcorn and¬†lentils that would go to waste. So I placed a¬†toilet paper roll inside each¬†jar and just used a measuring cup with a spout to fill the food around the roll.

Plus, with the toilet paper roll inside, I now had a great place to add my flowers stems and wheat.

Autumn Mason Jar Floral Centerpiece |

Autumn Mason Jar Floral Centerpiece



Place a toilet paper roll inside each mason jar.

Using a measuring cup with a spout, carefully pour kernels or lentils along the sides of the toilet paper roll.

Rustic Floral Centerpiece for Thanksgiving |

It looks like the jar is full, but I only needed about 1/3 of a bag of lentils to fill it up.

Rustic Floral Centerpiece for Thanksgiving |

Place faux flowers, leaves, wheat, and pine cones from the craft store inside each one. Voila!

Rustic Floral Centerpiece for Fall |

And remember, you don’t want to run out of toilet paper at Thanksgiving, so Charmin mega rolls are a must. Plus, they’re the softest and most absorbent brand out there, so you actually use less. But personally, I think it’s a little way to add a nice, soft touch to your Thanksgiving!

Autumn Mason Jar Floral Centerpiece |

This post is sponsored by Charmin but all opinions and ideas are mine. And yes, we use Charmin every day at our house!


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