Who, like me, loves a scary Halloween?! Halloween parties are so much fun and can be an absolute thrill to plan. So, if you’re planning one, don’t miss these 12 scary Halloween decorations we found to help you with all your ghoulish preparations!Have the Look at the 12 Most Scary Halloween Decorations for an Awesome Party! | CatchMyParty.comYou’ll find creepy ideas for a Halloween window decoration, a Halloween tablecloth, a Halloween tombstone, and so much more…

Look at these 12 Scary Halloween Decorations for an Awesome Party!

Halloween Wreath

Welcome your guests to your scary party with a fantastic Halloween wreath to decorate your front door.

It has everything you need, such as a tombstone, a skeleton, and a rat. Perfect!

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - Wreath | CatchMyParty.com

Halloween Tombstone

Another awesome way to scare your friends, even before they’ve come into your Halloween party, is to place one of these creepy tombstones in your front yard.

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - Halloween Tombstone | CatchMyParty.com

Halloween Window Decorations

These bloody zombie themed hand prints are such an awesome way to decorate on your windows this Halloween!

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - Window Decor | CatchMyParty.com

Halloween 3D Floor Decoration

Don’t let your guests think they are safe, just because they’ve walked through your front door.

This 3D Halloween floor decoration is so cool, and will surprise everyone who dares to enter.

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - 3d floor sticker | CatchMyParty.com

Spider Wall Stickers

If you’re anything like me, creepy crawlies make your shiver in fear.

Nothing could be more scary than a wall decorated with massive spiders, which is why these spider wall stickers are such a great Halloween party decoration.

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - Spider Wall Stickers | CatchMyParty.com

Lace Spiderweb Tablecloth

This black lace spiderweb tablecloth adds such a scary (and fun) touch to a Halloween party.

It’s gives your table settings just the right spooky elegant look!

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - Lace Spiderweb Tablecloth | CatchMyParty.com

Halloween Hanging Decorations

Intensify the scare factor at your Halloween party with these creepy party decorations.

The set includes a black glitter chandelier and a bunch of skulls, bats, ravens, and spiders to hang from your ceiling.

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - Hanging decorations | CatchMyParty.com

Lace Spiderweb Runner

This has to be the best ever Halloween fireplace party decoration.

Nothing could be creepier than some black lace spider web, draped over a mantle piece!

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - Fireplace Runner | CatchMyParty.com

Holographic Portraits

Spook out all your guests with these really scary holographic Victorian portraits.

Place them on your dessert table or on your fireplace and freak out everyone!

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - Holographic Portraits | CatchMyParty.com

Vintage Potion Bottles

If you’re looking for an awesome scary decoration,these vintage potion bottles are just what you need!

Then let your guests drink at their own risk.

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - Halloween Bottles | CatchMyParty.com


You can’t have a scary Halloween party and not have a skeleton, right?

This skeleton will look so cool hanging out at your party.

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - Skeletons | CatchMyParty.com

Skeleton Glasses

To finish off, we just had to add these awesome skeleton hand glasses.

They’ll look so creepy and cool, especially filled with blood red wine.

Scary Halloween decoration supplies - Skeleton Glasses | CatchMyParty.com


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