Shabby Chic Bunting |

How feminine and rustic is this adorable shabby chic bunting! And who knew it was so easy to make.

This bunting would look great at a baby shower, bridal shower, or girl birthday and you can use it as room decor afterwards. Just hang it behind your dessert table to give it a little style. And here’s how to do it…

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Shabby Chic Bunting


Shabby Chic Bunting |

Step 1: Using a piece of card stock, draw the size of a triangle you want your bunting pennants to be. Cut out triangle shape and pin to burlap. Cut around your triangle. The quantity of triangles will depend upon how long you want your bunting.

Create Shabby chic decor |

Step 2: Using a circular paintbrush and pink paint, make a polka dot pattern on one side of each burlap triangle.

Shabby Chic Bunting |

Step 3: While the paint dries, tear 1⁄2” strips of fabric and cut some strips of lace.

Make Shabby chic decor |

Step 4: Using a hot glue gun, attach the triangles to the jute cording. Evenly space the triangles and make sure to leave enough space to tie the fabric and lace.

Shabby Chic Bunting |

Step 5: In between each triangle tie two strips of fabric and one strip of lace.

Shabby chic decor |

Step 6: Hang your girly shabby chic bunting and enjoy!!

Shabby Chic Bunting |


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