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Summer is definitely winding down, but if you still have a few lazy summer days left, why not try checking out this beautiful pony bead suncatcher chandelier DIY. Not only would it look great outdoors, or in a room by a window, but it’s would be a fun outdoor summer party craft.

Pony beads are so versatile. You can use them to make jewelry, embellish craft projects, and you can even melt them.

This rainbow suncatcher chandelier was created for us by  Shauna at Ella and Annie Magazine and inspired by a post from The Artful Parent.

Suncatcher chandelier DIY |


Beads for the Final Rainbow Suncatcher Chandeliers |


Fill the bottom of the cake pan and cupcake pan with beads. Make sure all beads lay flat. You can also use metal cookie cutters to make shapes. You will need a baking pan to place them on and then fill.

Beads for the Final Rainbow Suncatcher Chandeliers |

Turn on your gas grill (parents only!) I turned mine to reach 300-­400 degrees. Place one pan at a time on the grill. Centered. Close the lid and bake for about 12 minutes. The time will depend on your grill. Just make sure all beads are melted before you remove. See photos for before and after examples.

Rainbow Sun Catcher Chandeliers |

Beads for the Final Rainbow Sun Catcher Chandeliers |

Repeat with each pan.

Cool beads. They should easily pop out of the pans. Once all your circles are complete, you will need to drill a hole in each for hanging. Parents only! The larger cake pan circle should have 4­-5 holes drilled so that it hangs evenly. I drilled four holes.

DIY Rainbow Suncatcher Chandeliers |

Final Rainbow Suncatcher Chandeliers |

Now we are ready for the twine. Start with the larger circle for the top of your chandelier. Grab a pony bead (optional) and a piece of twine for each of the four holes.

Start by tying the bead to the side of the circle that will face down, the side everyone one will see. Do that for each hole. Pull all four strings together and tie a knot. See photo.


Next you need to piece together each of the hanging portions of the chandelier. You can choose how long and what shapes you put on each strand. I alternated them by making some shorter and some longer. Tie each strand to one of the holes you made in your cake pan piece. Repeat for each hole/strand.

DIY Rainbow Suncatcher Chandeliers |

You are done! Hang for everyone to enjoy. My daughter Ella wants one for her room. Can’t you just image a handful of these hanging from trees or a deck over a beautifully set table? This is by far one of my favorite crafts to date!

Rainbow Suncatcher Chandeliers |

Rainbow Suncatcher Chandeliers |


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To see more of Shauna’s work, check out Ella and Annie Magazine and visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.