Frozen 2 is loved just as much as the first Frozen movie and Frozen 2 parties are equally as popular!

Young girls just can’t get enough of them, especially during the fall and winter.

To help you plan a Frozen 2 birthday party fit for a princess we have rounded up the 14 most magical Frozen 2 party supplies we could find.

Collage of the 12 Most Magical Frozen 2 Party Supplies!

We’ve so many wonderful Frozen 2 party supplies for you to choose from.

We’ve ideas for a Frozen 2 cake topper, a stunning balloon garland, some Elsa crowns, a mix of Frozen cookies and so much more!

I can’t wait for you to take a look!

Take a Look at the 12 Most Magical Frozen 2 Party Supplies!

1: Frozen 2 Chalkboard Birthday Poster

How about celebrating your child milestone moments with one of these fun Frozen 2 chalkboard posters?

It’s an awesome way to keep track of those special moments that you won’t want to forget:

Not only can you use it to decorate your party, but you can and even use it to decorate a bedroom wall.

Frozen 2 birthday poster

2: Frozen 2 Cake Topper

A birthday cake is always a big deal at a party so how about creating a show-stopper of a cake with this fabulous Frozen cake topper?

Place this 15.1″ Elsa on your cake, along with the 4 fondant snowflakes to create an eye-popping birthday cake that is sure to delight.

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Frozen 2 Cake Topper

3: Frozen 2 Sugar Gems

These magical pastel sugar gems are the perfect addition to place on the birthday or even the cookies or cupcakes.

Each one of the four gems represents an element such as water, earth, wind, and fire.

These are spirits that rule over the enchanted forest in Frozen 2.

Frozen 2 Sugar Gems

4: Frozen 2 Cookies

Cookies are always a bit hit at parties and this mix of Frozen cookies is unbelievable!

So much love is poured into each one of these beautifully drawn illustrations.

Your guests will have a hard time picking one to take a bite out of.

Frozen 2 Cookies

5: Snowflake Sprinkles

Sprinkles make everything so much better and these snowflake sprinkles are just what you need to add that Frozen touch to all your party food.

Sprinkle them over cupcakes, or add them to the birthday cake for extra decoration. You can even dip pretzels in chocolate and then sprinkle these over.

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Snow Flake Sprinkles

6: Frozen 2 Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are still the ultimate party decoration and a must-have at any party!

This gorgeous balloon garland in white, icy blue, and purple will look fabulous framing a dessert table and will surely make your party pop.

Love the scattered snowflakes throughout the garland. What a dream!

Frozen 2 Balloon Garland

7: Fall Leaves Garland

Frozen 2 takes place during the Fall and throughout the movie we see fall leaves flying about in the breeze.

This is why this fall leaf garland it a wonderful addition to your Frozen 2 birthday party, that carries through the theme perfectly

The fall leaves will give your party such a whimsical touch.

Fall Leaves Garland

8: ‘Pin the Nose on Olaf’ Frozen 2 Party Activity

If you’re looking for an awesome way to keep your guests busy who about a game of ‘Pin the Nose on Olaf’?

All you need to do is print out this image of Olaf and a sheet full of carrot noses, that you’ll need to cut out.

Place your Olaf image on a wall and let each of your guests have a go at trying to pin Olaf’s nose in the correct spot while blindfolded.

The kids are going to have a blast. You can always count on Olaf for a good time!

'Pin the Nose on Olaf' Party Activity

9: ‘I Don’t Even Know a Samantha’ T-Shirt

One of the most memorable moments in Frozen 2 is when Olaf calls out for Samantha as a joke, after calling out for his Frozen friends.

It’s a humorous moment that has everyone laughing so this ‘I don’t even know a Samantha’ t-shirt is a cool fashion accessory for a Frozen 2 party.

'I Don't Even Know a Samantha' T-Shirt'

10: Frozen 2 Photo Booth Props

Photos booths are always fun and these Frozen photo booth props are just what you need to fool around with while having your photo taken.

Use them to make memorable moments of your party that you can later look back on and treasure.

Frozen 2 photo booth props

11: Elsa Crown

All queens need a crown and one of these will make a little girl’s dreams come true and transform her into a real-life Elsa’s.

These crowns also make a fantastic photo booth prop!

Elsa Crown

12: Frozen 2 NecklaceĀ 

Finish the previous look with this gorgeous turquoise blue rhinestone icicle necklace.

It’s the perfect Frozen 2 party favor and you will be sending home a bunch of happy little Elsa’s.

Frozen 2 Necklace

13: Frozen 2 Glitter Tumbler

These glitter tumblers are such a cool Frozen 2 party favor.

You can choose one of two different colors. A purple one for Anna or a blue one for Elsa.


Frozen 2 Glitter Tumbler

14: Elsa Glass Slipper Party Favor Box

To finish off our list we have this stunning paper glass slipper party favor box that can be filled with candy or other goodies.

Imagine, just how impressive they’ll look all set out on a table at your party!

Elsa Shoe Party Favor Box

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