If you’ve seen the wonderful Disney movie Coco then you’ll know what a magical story it is and what a beautiful message it leaves in everyone’s heart.

Coco parties are becoming incredibly more popular here at Catch My Party. They are fantastic for anyone having a birthday at this time of year with Day of the Dead, happening starting October 31st.

So, if you’re planning a Coco birthday party don’t miss these 12 colorful Coco party supplies!

Take a Look at the Best 12 Disney Pixar Coco Party Supplies | CatchMyParty.comWe’ve found ideas for Disney Coco invitations, cake toppers,  party favors, Coco cookies, decorations, and so much more!

 Take a Look at the Best 12 Disney Pixar Coco Party Supplies

Disney Coco Party Invitations

Get everyone excited about your party with an awesome colorful Coco inspired party invitation like this one.

You can bet everyone will be counting down for the birthday party of the year!

Disney Coco party invitation | CatchMyParty.com

Disney Coco Birthday Cake Topper

Turn your Coco birthday cake into a showstopper with this gorgeous cake topper.

Papel picado are a traditional Mexican party decoration and could not be a miss at your Coco party.

They look stunning as bunting on a Coco themed birthday cake.

Disney Coco party supplies - Birthday Cake Topper | CatchMyParty.com

Disney Coco Cupcake Toppers

Decorate a bunch of store bought cupcakes with these fun Coco illustrated toppers.

You’ll find everything you need! A Miguel, his guitar, Dante, Hector and even a great-great-grandmother Mama Imelda.

Disney Coco party supplies - Cupcake Toppers | CatchMyParty.com

Disney Coco Cookies

Take a look at this gorgeous Coco inspired bunch of sugar coated cookies.

They’ll look awesome on a plate and will really brighten up your dessert table!

Disney Coco party supplies - Cookies | CatchMyParty.com

Disney Coco Cake Pops

These Day of the Dead decorated skull cake pops are incredible and are just what you need for a Coco birthday party!

They are the perfect Coco party food!

Disney Coco party supplies - Cake Pops | CatchMyParty.com

Disney Coco Backdrop

Bring your dessert table to life with this amazing personalized Coco backdrop.

You’re guests will feel like they are actually in the small Mexican town of Santa Cecilia.

Disney Coco party supplies - Backdrop | CatchMyParty.com

Disney Coco Centerpieces

Decorate your tables with these fun and colorful Coco centerpieces.

The personalized pack comes with 10 different designs from the movie for you to use freely.

Disney Coco party supplies - Centerpieces | CatchMyParty.com

Disney Coco Papel Picado Decorations

Papel picado is a Mexican folk art made out of colorful tissue paper and cut into beautiful and elaborate designs and assembled into a banner.

They are an essential Mexican party decoration that are a must-have at a Coco party.

Disney Coco party supplies - Papel Picado Party Decorations | CatchMyParty.com

Disney Coco Party Balloons

Wow! You can actually have a large 32″ Miguel at your Coco party in the shape of this fabulous balloon.

The ultimate Coco birthday party decoration!

Disney Coco party supplies - Balloon | CatchMyParty.com

Disney Coco Guitar Pinata

Miguel dreams of being a musician just like his hero Ernesto De La Cruz, even though his family have banished any sort of music from their lives since Coco’s father abandoned her to pursue a career in music many generations ago.

Miguel’s instrument of choice, like Ernesto’s, is a guitar which makes this guitar pinata the perfect Coco party decoration that kids will love to beat to bits for arm loads of candy!

Disney Coco party supplies - Guitar Pinata | CatchMyParty.com

Disney Coco Photo Booth props

Grad a camera and take a bunch of photos of your guest fooling around with these fun Coco inspired photo booth props.

You can bet the photos will be a laugh and a great way to remember your awesome Coco birthday party!

Disney Coco party supplies - Photo Booth Props | CatchMyParty.com

Disney Coco Party Favor Alebrije keychain

In the movie Coco, Dante the dog, transforms into a alebrije when he steps into the Land of the Dead. Alebrijes are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures.

Send you guests home with their very own alebrije keychain (that they can place on their school rucksack for instance). It’s a beautiful party favor honoring traditional Mexican folk art.

For more inspiration, check out all these amazing Coco parties on our site, and check out these Coco party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!

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