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Just in time for Mother’s Day, how about using this tea cup candle gift DIY to make one of these pretty candles for Mom! Your kids can easily help, too, just as long as they stay away from the melted wax.

Mother’s Day Tea Cup Candle Gift DIY

What you need (affil):

Materials Needed For The Candle Making | CatchMyParty.com


Step 1:

In a small saucepan melt wax. Remove from stove and place pan on a hot pad. Add drops of scented oil and food coloring. We made vanilla scented candles and decided to leave the food coloring out.

Vanilla Scent Added To Melted Wax | CatchMyParty.com

Step 2:

Place a glue dot on the bottom of the candle wick. Press the wick down into the center of the ramekin. The glue dot helps hold the candle wick in place.

Glued Candle Wick At The Bottom Of The Ramekins | CatchMyParty.com

Step 3:

Using wooden dowels or skewers, hold the wick in place. Rest the skewers on the ramekin on both sides of the candle wick. Gently push the skewers together to hold the wick.

Letting The Wax Cool | CatchMyParty.com

Step 4:

Pour the scented wax into the ramekins. Let the wax cool. When the wax is no longer translucent it is ready to burn. Enjoy!

Candle Wax Is Now Ready | CatchMyParty.com
Burn The Candles And Enjoy | CatchMyParty.com
Burn The Candles And Enjoy | CatchMyParty.com



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