Our lives seem to have changed for the time being, but as long we abide by some basic safety rules celebrating a happy occasion with family and friends can still be possible.

The best setting for a party is, without a doubt, an outdoor venue like a backyard or a park. It’s considered low-risk because everyone can spread out and the wind helps disperse viral droplets.

To help you plan a party with social distancing during these crazy times, we’ve rounded up the 12 best outdoor social distancing party supplies we could find.

Collage of The Best 12 Outdoor Social Distancing Party Supplies!You’ll find ideas for awesome party supplies such as a ‘wear a mask’ poster, some socially distancing floor stickers, a ‘stop the spread’ banner, and lots more…

The Best 12 Outdoor Social Distancing Party Supplies

1: ‘Mask-A-Rade’ Party Invitation

Have fun with your party and send out some ‘mask-a-rade’ party invitations.

It will set the mood and your guests will know straight away what to expect.

'Mask-A-Rade' Party Invitation

2: Happy Birthday Lawn Sign

Let everyone know you’re having a party by decorating your front lawn with a fun personalized ‘Happy Birthday’ sign.

It definitely adds some cheer to your lawn and is a cool party decoration.

Happy Birthday Lawn Sign

3: ‘COVID-19 Party Rules’ Poster

Place a ”COVID Party Rules’ poster at the entrance to your party to remind your guests how to stay safe.

You can choose the poster in pink and blue, and personalize it with a name.

'COVID-19 Party Rules' Poster

4: ‘Happy Birthday’ Mask

Provide your guests with an individually packed mask for them to use during your party and take home with them as a party favor.

This ‘Happy Birthday’ mask is the perfect party fashion accessory!

'Happy Birthday' Mask


5: ‘Wear Your Mask’ Poster

Let your guests know where they can find a mask with this colorful ‘Wear a Mask’ party sign.

Place it right by all the masks so they can help themselves.

'Wear Your Mask' Poster

6: ‘Sanitizer’ Poster

Set up various hand sanitizing stations throughout your party to help your guests stay safe while they’re having fun.

Mark each one with one of these fun posters so they can easily find a station whenever they feel the need to disinfect their hands.

'Sanitizer' Poster

7: Wristbands

It can be awkward letting people know where you stand concerning COVID-19 and what you feel comfortable with.

To help eliminate all the awkwardness we’ve found these ingenious color-coded wristbands that let people exactly know how you want to interact.

Set up a station for the wristbands and place the sign next to them so everyone knows what each color means.

Love the idea! Can we have these everywhere, please?


8: Social Distancing Stickers

Another great idea for letting everyone know what you are cool with are these awesome social distancing stickers.

Choose whichever one suits you best and stick it on to your shirt or mask.

Social Distancing Stickers

9: Rainbow Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are a must at any party and make the perfect party decoration.

During the lockdown, rainbows were considered a sign of hope,  so how about decorating your party with this gorgeous rainbow balloon garland?

Believe me, your guests will be so impressed.

Rainbow Balloon Garland

10: Social Distancing Floor Stickers

It’s easy to forget to socially distance, especially with you’re relaxed with family and friends.

These cool social distancing stickers are a great reminder that allows everyone to stay safe.

Stick them on the floor 6 feet apart from each other and your good to go!

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

11: ‘Stop the Spread Wear a Mask’ Banner

Decorate your party with this wonderful ‘Stop the Spread Wear a Mask’ banner.

You can also use it to mark a mask station

'Stop the Spread Wear a Mask' Banner

12: ‘Cheers From 6 Feet Away’ Party Cup

Hand out these party cups at your outdoor party with a ‘cheers from 6 feet apart’ reminder.

They also double up as a fun party favor too!

'Cheers From 6 Feet Away' Party Cup

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