I saw these Oreo pops in one of the photos of Amy H‘s awesome Nolan Paper Airlines {First Birthday Party}. First of all, how creative is a paper airplane party? And secondly, how good do these Oreo pops look?

I asked Amy if I could repost the tutorial she did on her blog, Buggie and Jellybean, and she generously agreed. So according to Amy, here’s how you make these simple but delicious treats…

Brace yourself for this “recipe”, you just might have to be Betty Crocker herself to handle “baking” of this level.

What you will need:

1 package of Oreos

1 block of cream cheese {room temp}

1 bag of Wilton’s melting candy

Food Processor

I used sticks but you can just form them into balls.

Chop up those Oreos until they are a bowl of Oreo powder goodness. Add the block of cream cheese. Mix with your hands until it forms a dough like substance.

Form into balls. I would say I made mine about 2 in. Which yields 24.

***Let set in fridge for about 20 mins before moving to next set.***

Coat in the Wiltons.

Let them setup on a cookie sheet. I made them two days in advance and kept them in the fridge. You WILL need to hide them. Or make an extra batch.

Thank you, Amy, for this delicious and easy tutorial. To learn more about Amy, visit her blog Buggie and Jellybean and check out her gorgeous parties on our site.

(Do you have a DIY project from one of your parties that you’d like to share?  Please email me at jillian@catchmyparty.com.  I’d love to show it off!)