Nicole W did something amazing at her Magical Cornish Fairy Affair. She added twinkle lights to her punch and water dispensers and made them glow!

I’ve never seen anything like this, so I had to ask Nicole how she pulled it off.  Here’s what she said:

The twinkle lights were really easy.  I used submersible floral lights (designed to go in vases).  I bought them here:

I set them on slow blink and tossed a few in the punch dispenser!  Some of them floated from the bubbles in the punch for a while, but if you want them to stay suspended at different levels, you need to hang them on mono-filament.  Even that was incredibly easy.  There’s a nice little handle on each light perfect for tying the string to, and I just taped the other end of the filament to the top edge of the dispenser under the lid.

One three-year-old was highly disappointed that the glow didn’t dispense into her cup, but all other reviews were extremely positive.  😉

Thank you, Nicole for sharing this neat trick. To learn more about this wonderful party check out this Spotlight Feature, and also check out Nicole’s other amazing parties on our site and her blog Tradewind Tiaras.

UPDATE: Nicole just emailed me this photo from her Halloween party where she added lights to her Halloween punch and kept the lights on steady. How cool does this look!