Toilet Paper Roll Gift Card Holders |

It’s the end of the school year, and I like to give gift cards to my daughter’s teachers to say thank you for all their hard work. But giving gift cards can feel a little impersonal.

So I came up with these easy toilet paper roll gift card holders that I absolutely love! Who knew gift cards fit so well in toilet paper rolls?

Supplies (affil):

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Card Holders |

First, I flatten the Charmin toilet paper roll. Then using this colored Scotch tape, I added stripes.

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Card Holders |

I placed the gift card inside the roll (in its jacket) and tied it up with baker’s twine. I’d love to have a wallet this stylish!

How I came up with this craft is a funny story…

We work a lot with Bounty, which is a P&G company. Charmin is another one of their brands, but in all honesty, I’ve never used Charmin before. We’ve always been a Cotttonelle family. That is, until now…

Charmin Toilet Paper

I was asked to do a week-long test, where I swapped out our regular toilet paper for Charmin Ultra Soft. I didn’t tell my husband or daughter, but both of them noticed immediately. They wanted to know why I had never bought this brand of toilet paper before. They both commented on how soft it was.

My daughter even started using it to blow her nose because she thought it was softer than the tissues I buy.

I must say, the softness is shocking. And the thickness is impressive, too.

Charmin Toilet Paper

I guess I never bought Charmin before because I didn’t think it was strong enough to do serious “cleanup.”

So I asked my family if they felt like it was doing the job. They assured me it was, and that it felt so much nicer. My daughter even said, “It isn’t rough, so I can clean better down there.” From the mouths of babes… 🙂

Now we are officially a Charmin Ultra Soft family, and we have chic end-of-school gift card holders to boot. I call that a win-win!

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Card Holders |

This post is sponsored by Charmin, but all ideas and opinions are mine!