My daughter hates nap time, or as they call it at her school, “chill time.”

So instead of napping, she is allowed to read books. But as she informed me yesterday, she’s tired of all the books in her classroom (actually, she can’t read them, so I think that’s frustrating for her). She said she only likes her books from home.

Looking for an easy answer, I asked her if she wanted to bring her books from home to school to look at during “chill time,” thinking some of her easy reader books might be better, since she can read them.

She liked that idea. I was relieved. But then I started having nightmares that all her books would go to school, but none of them would come home.

Until… I saw these printable “property of” labels from HP that I could stick in her books so people would know whom they belonged to.

I typed her name into the printable files (to be on the safe side, I only typed her first name and last initial), printed them out using sticker paper, cut them out, and stuck them into a bunch her books.

I surprised her with the stack this morning, and she was delighted.

When she got to school, she showed the teacher her favorite one from the pile, and the teacher asked her if she’d like to read it to class during “chill time.” You should have seen Lainey’s face. I could tell, in that moment “chill time” because “awesome time”!

Here are the girl labels I used:

And here are the boy labels:

For tips on how to use them, head here. Happy labeling!