Butterfly Parties

Butterfly themed parties are so whimsical. It's such feminine and delicate theme and brings a touch of nature and lots of color.

Rainbow Parties

A rainbow party theme is a colorful choice for a 1st birthday. They are totally on-trend. You can go super bright or more muted like this one.

Minnie Mouse Parties

Minnie  Mouse has a place in every Disney fan's heart and is a really popular 1st birthday party theme for girls. It's such a classic theme that you can personalize.

Woodland Parties

Woodland themed parties have been on the rise and are a growing trend. Who can resist an adorable woodland animal, like a cute deer or fox?!

Princess Parties

Why not celebrate a 1st birthday party in true regal fashion with a princess party! This is a tried and true theme that never goes out of style!

Mermaid Parties

Little girls love the magical world of under the sea, and mermaid parties are an ever-increasing popular party theme. Get ready to be blown away with all our gorgeous ideas.

Carousel Parties

Carousel birthday parties are an old-time classic that little girls love. The vintage touch gives this party theme so much style and old school charm.

Boho Parties

Boho-chic parties are huge! They allow you to have a more laid back party without compromising on beauty. We've so many fun and eclectic party ideas for you!

Flamingo Parties

Flamingo parties are especially popular over the summer, but are also a great theme during the colder months because they allow you to transport your guests to a sunny tropical destination.

Unicorn Parties

Unicorns are everywhere and girls loves them because they are magical and sweet. It's a trend that shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.